Act Now & You Can Get This 75" Samsung 4K TV For Less Than $750


If you’re in the market for a new TV then check out the Samsung NU6900 Series. Especially, as it is currently on sale.

These are Samsung 4K UHD smart TVs and available in a number of sizes. Typically, these are OK priced TVs, but still expensive enough.

For example, the 75-inch model retails for $1,099 in the U.S. This is the 2018 version and although it’s now last year’s model, the TV has still maintained a $999 price in most places.


That’s until now. Right now the 75-inch NU6900 TV can be picked up for just $749. Either through Samsung, Amazon, or Best Buy.

Technically, Amazon is probably your best bet as the online retailer is currently selling it a couple of dollars cheaper than the others. Right now it’s down to $747.

For this price, and considering the size of the TV, this is a nice opportunity to save money while supersizing your TV.


Besides the massive screen and the 4K (and HDR10+) support, this TV also features upscaling technology. The idea here is to upscale non-4K content to 4K.

Regardless of what you’re watching, you’ll be watching the best version of it, and on a Samsung display.

As this is a Samsung TV, the NU6900 Series comes running on Samsung's own Smart TV platform.


One of the benefits of Samsung’s platform is the use of the “Universal Guide.” Basically, Universal Guide acts as a one-stop location for content from different apps and even different devices.

No more switching between apps and more time watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

Speaking of other devices, and as you might expect, this Samsung TV plays nice with many devices, and especially smartphones.


Not only can you sync your smartphone with the TV, but you can also use the Samsung SmartThings app to control the TV.

All that plus 75-inches to play with, and all for under $750.

75-inch Samsung NU6900 TV - $747 - Amazon


75-inch Samsung NU6900 TV - $749 - Best Buy