Rollable Phone Concept Envisions The Future Of Smartphones


The team over at DBS DESIGNING, shared a new video on YouTube. This time around, they have published a concept rollable phone, which envisions the future of smartphones.

This video has a duration of about two minutes, and it is embedded down below. In the video itself, you will see a rollable phone that the source created, and which is based on some patents we've seen this year.

Several companies patented their rollable devices, including both Samsung and LG. Those two companies seem to be set to release a rollable smartphone sooner or later.


Foldable smartphones barely arrived, and are expected to take over in the future… and yet a new form factor may appear soon. These rollable smartphones do not exactly roll up, literally. Their display does.

This concept video shows us a rollable phone in action

So, the provided video pretty much shows how things will function. You will be able to pull out the phone's display, essentially. Now, depending on what phone we're looking at, you'll be able to pull it out from the side, or from the bottom maybe… depending on what design we're looking at.

The rollable concept phone that DBS DESIGNING shared, has a rollable display that you can pull out from the right side. So, you'll essentially be able to expand your screen real-estate quite a bit by rolling out the display, similar to what foldable smartphones offer.


When the display is not rolled out, it will be tucked away behind the other part of the display, and remain inactive. So, you'll be using a phone in a smaller form factor. When you roll out the rest of the display, it will activate, and you'll have a much larger canvas to work with.

Samsung and LG patented quite a few rollable devices thus far

As already mentioned, both Samsung and LG patented rollable smartphones / displays thus far. That happened on several occasions, in fact.

Samsung patented such a phone back in July, then LG followed in August and September. Samsung was granted yet another patent in September, and LG in November.


Samsung's patent from July actually shows tech similar to the one shown by DBS DESIGNING. The device that the company patented actually rolls out the display from the right. LG's patent from August takes a different approach. That is more of a foldable + rollable combo. Its display wraps around the phone, and when you roll it out, you get a three times bigger canvas to operate. LG patented something similar in September, a device with an even larger display.

Samsung's patent from September actually showed us a phone with a rollable display which extends the phone's tallness. That is a considerably different approach to every other patent filing we've seen.

The last rollable patent we've seen arrived a couple of days ago. LG patented a rollable phone which takes a slightly different approach to the company's first patent. That device is separated right down the middle, and its sides are thicker than the middle portion of the device It actually looks quite odd for a smartphone.