RetroCube – Changing the App Development Landscape with Its Revolutionary Tech Integration Services


Modern day apps are not supposed to be composites of a company's website and its branding collaterals. The primary purpose of having an app in the first place is to offer users with a platform from where they can access the primary service the firm is offering. Most firms miss this cue, resulting in their apps doing little else than contributing to the crowding of app stores.

On top of this, users are fast becoming accustomed towards the integration of emerging revolutionary technologies like Blockchain and AI on whatever platform they use, making it imperative for apps to offer the same if they want to stand a chance at satisfying customer expectations.

But the bigger dilemma here is that even though you are aware of these realizations, rarely does one come across an app development firm that has the right kind of expertise and experience to pull off the feat of building such a top notch app.


However, there is one such app development firm that you can always count on when you want to build an app that's fit for the modern age.

RetroCube is an entity that has an entirely different take on not just how app development should be handled but also on how modern apps should be integrated with cutting edge solutions powered by recently emerging technologies that will comprise Industry 4.0.

While other app development firms don't try to make it too hard for themselves by just offering the basics, RetroCube works on a different level altogether. From powering apps to make them capable to run at the helm of an IOT ecosystem to creating AI powered chatbots within apps that make them more responsive to customer needs, RetroCube primes itself as an exceptional business solutions provider


Bit by bit, this firm builds on an initial idea and converts it into scalable digital reality by following an intricately developed process that it has perfected over the years.

Let's delve a bit deeper to give you a brief overview on the six core aspects that RetroCube specializes in, each of which serves a different kind of business functionality stream:

Blockchain Development:

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By now, everyone knows how revolutionary a concept Blockchain is. A decentralized ledger that no can tamper with, Blockchain allows you to record transactions or contracts in a way that's fast, efficient and mightily effective. It's a must have for apps that are centered on recording interactions at a massive scale.

RetroCube offers customizable Blockchain solutions irrespective of what your industry is. From conceptualizing purpose for the technology within the app to deploying data, RetroCube handles each step of the Blockchain integration with deft.

It has an in-house team of dedicated blockchain developers who are well versed in each aspect of this technology including multiple development platforms like Hyperledger, Exonium, R3 etc. allowing you to benefit off of their all-encompassing expertise.



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Any business service that fails to engage with the consumer's queries in a satisfactory manner is doomed towards failure no matter how good the service itself is. Human based support has many shortcomings like difficulties in delivering a 24/7 availability, answering in different languages among others, making it unsuitable for an app's modern assistance needs.

RetroCube develops AI powered Chatbots to ensure that your apps retain the fastest turnaround time possible coupled with highest quality assistance. These Chatbots can handle multi-lingual support, offer context driven replies and even provide links to in-app resources and images when need be.


What makes these Chatbots so capable is the underlying AI technology that consistently learns from interactions and uses the data accumulated to get better with time.

RetroCube incorporates these Chatbots as an in-built feature of the app complete with UI/UX design, AI customization for specific business purposes, integration of features like info-tiles and cards to assist users, thereby enabling you to start reaping the benefits right from the word go.

BI & Big Data:

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Every business these days generates vast amounts of data, especially those that maintain an online presence. These data stoves can be used to empower businesses with the right kind of insights to take more informed business decisions, but this is possible only if these businesses have access to big data analytics and business intelligence architectures.

Beginning the process with data management, funneling it into information delivery and finally transforming it into a driving force to provide informed results, RetroCube allows you to access a comprehensive business intelligence platform that can help you outperform your competition, improve processes and generate steady revenue streams.

Machine Learning & AI:

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Continuing its rise, AI has ushered in a 360 degree transformation of the business landscape with precision at its helm combined with an amazing ability to make possible things that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

For e.g. it can allow your app to showcase unique product recommendations to each user by learning about its purchase behavior or provide users with intuitive features like image analysis and voice recognition of the highest quality.

RetroCube has perfected its AI deployment strategies by building a simplified process that comprises of four different phases including architecture design, data collection, model creation and integration and app deployment.

Firms can get customized AI solutions to furnish a wide variety of business needs bringing in increased productivity and an enhanced working profile.

Augmented Reality:

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The advent of AR has redefined the scope to which we can stun users through an entirely unique and immersive visual experience. It can vastly improve customer engagement and involvement by taking a product out of the screen and into the user's world, where it can see it just as a real product in a store.

Businesses deploying this technology will entirely change the way users search for and buy their products, giving them a USP that sets them apart from their competition.

RetroCube is one of the rare firms that allows you the chance to integrate this cutting edge technology into your apps through the assistance of its specialized team that captures, processes and retrieves each image and detail with stunning visual accuracy.

If you want to transform your app into something completely progressive then RetroCubes AR services is what you definitely need to consider.

Internet of Things:

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By 2025, IOT will be at the helm of an $11 trillion industry and if you are not taking immediate steps to ensure that your app becomes capable enough to get integrated in IOT networks, you will be losing out on a very lucrative proposition here.

But building the right framework that retains the appropriate functionalities for the IOT domain is a task that can only be handled by an app development firm with cutting edge solutions.

The IOT domain has been mastered by RetroCube, offering benefits like SDK powered hardware integrations, big data management, real time analytics and the formulation of custom workflows. The firm converts your app into the focal point of the IOT environment, growing its profile and applicability, and all of this will happen within a specially designated, secure and encrypted network.

RetroCube's Push for Industry 4.0:

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RetroCube's growing portfolio is a testament to its prowess in all of these domains, with exquisitely designed projects that have garnered immense attention on all app stores.

Some of its most notable apps include "Anti-Scam", a platform where users can report ongoing scams in real time tipping off other users off to stay aware of them and "Quick Add", a platform where anyone can secure a comprehensive portfolio of any person's social accounts.

This is a firm that wants to solve real-world business problems for you, learning about your needs, taking your obstacles into account and setting milestones as it goes along the process of developing an app that streamlines process, cuts costs and makes the business run in a streamlined manner.

Technological innovations are at the forefront of every push that humanity takes to further itself and usher in a new age and the same thing is happening now.

The fourth industrial revolution has already begun, characterized by technologies like AI and Blockchain, and soon it's going to change the business landscape forever. If you want to start preparing for it, then one of the best ways is to engage firms like RetroCube, who can deliver the future today.