Get A Lifetime Plex Pass For Just $89.99 For A Limited Time

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There is a flash sale going on right now where you can save 25-percent on a lifetime Plex Pass.

Plex is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and by doing so, allowing new subscribers to save 25-percent on a Plex Pass lifetime subscription. That brings the price down to just $89.99. That’s down from its regular price of $119.99.

With the Plex Pass lifetime subscription, you’ll never have to pay for Plex ever again. As the name implies, it’s a lifetime subscription. Not a per month or per year subscription. Which makes this a really great deal.


Plex is really great if you have a large media library that you want to modernize. You can use something like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV as your Plex server to store all of your media, and you’ll be able to stream it on your TV, laptop, smartphones and anything else that’s on your account. This will work even when you aren’t home. Now that’s pretty useful.

You can also share your Plex server with others, in case you have some media that you want to share with your friends of family.

Plex also allows you to record TV from the OTA channels like FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and others. Unfortunately, the DVR functionality doesn’t work for other channels, even if you do subscribe to them through streaming TV services.


Along with movies and TV shows, you can also store your music and podcasts on Plex. Making it a truly one-stop shop for all of your media.

And coming soon, Plex is going to have thousands of free movies and TV shows that you can stream. Since this is free, it is going to be ad-supported, so that Plex can pay for the licensing fees for that content.

You’re getting all of this for just $89.99, period. There’s no other charges. That’s a pretty crazy deal. You can sign up for Plex Pass now and make sure you use the promo code PLEX4LIFE at checkout to get that 25-percent off.

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