[Updated]PlayStation Vue Is Closing Down, Will Stop Accepting New Subscribers Soon

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Update Nov 15: No more new subscribers.

PlayStation Vue is closing down.

The service will soon stop accepting new subscribers soon.


Sony has confirmed PlayStation Vue will end operations completely on January 30, 2020.

The end of PlayStation Vue

For the past few months there had been much speculation about the future of PlayStation Vue. That speculation ended a couple of days ago when Sony confirmed it was shutting Vue down.

In the announcement Sony confirmed the reason was the slow change of the “highly competitive Pay TV industry.” Adding that the company plans to focus on “our core gaming business” going forward.

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Sony has confirmed the final end date for PlayStation Vue is January 30, 2020.

Existing subscribers will be billed for the last time in December. After which they will continue to have access to the service until the close date.

Vue to stop accepting new subscribers

While Sony has confirmed when PlayStation Vue will come to an end, the company says nothing is changing in the meantime.


For example, existing subscribers will retain access to the service and all of the features and perks associated with their streaming package.

The only exception to this no-change rule is new subscriptions.

Sony has recently posted a message on the PlayStation Vue welcome page explaining that it will stop accepting new subscribers soon.


Sony has yet to specify exactly when it will remove the option to sign up, but it's likely to happen in the coming weeks, if not days.

Evidently, with the service in its final few months, it makes sense that PlayStation plans to discontinue the option to subscribe.

What should subscribers do now?

Sony is right about the “highly competitive” TV industry. In the wake of live TV streaming, a number of services have launched.


While this is good news for consumers, it does place additional pressure on services like PlayStation Vue, as well as traditional TV providers.

If you are a current PlayStation Vue subscriber, you will soon have to start deciding on what to do either before January 30, 2020 or when the service eventually shuts down.

Currently, there are a number of similar alternative you can opt for. These include AT&T TV NOW, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV


Similar to PlayStation Vue, all of these services provide access to live TV over the internet.

All of them also offer a free trial so they are available to test out before having to commit and pay for the service.

Update Nov 15:

As promised, Sony has now stopped accepting new subscribers. You can no longer subscribe to PlayStation Vue or take advantage of the free trial.