Pixel 4's Oleophobic Coating Is Not So Robust It Seems


Android Central reports that Google Pixel 4's oleophobic coating has started to come off already. Given that it hasn't been too long since the phone's release, it is too quick for the coating to pull the disappearing act. It is not clear how widespread the problem is.

Basically, oleophobic materials prevent oil and greasy deposits from lingering on to your phone. This means that you should be able to wipe away fingerprint smudges easily without leaving behind a trace on the surface.

Without an oleophobic coating, grease will not come off easily from your phone. As a result, your device will start looking messy over time. The grease can even affect the viewing experience to some extent.


Previous Pixel Phones Also Suffered From The Same Problem

To repel oil, most modern smartphone displays have oleophobic materials on top. And after prolonged use, the coating does tend to come off on many devices. However, it seems that on Google phones, it wears off at a very fast rate. Android Central staff members say that Pixel 4 XL's oleophobic coating has started disappearing at a rapid pace. An accompanying image shows how bad the situation is, with the screen looking too messy for a new, ultra-premium phone. The report says that the phone usage was light. Thus, the problem cannot be attributed to rough handling.

Apparently, this seems to be a recurring theme with Pixel phones. Similar complaints have been heard since the release of the first generation Pixel handset. And surprisingly, the problem apparently got worse with each subsequent generation.

That's not to say you should write off the device. A good many Pixel users also say that they haven't encountered similar issues. But one thing is for sure: Google does need to do something about this. Its handsets are on the higher end of the price spectrum and this isn't something any user should have to deal with.


Users Worried About Their Pixel 4's Oleophobic Coating Coming Off Might Want To Use A Screen Protector

If you are worried about Google Pixel 4's oleophobic coating, one idea is to get a screen protector. These usually have their own oleophobic coating. Additionally, they will also protect your phone's screen if you accidentally drop it. But then again, not everyone likes the idea of screen protectors because they alter the way a phone looks.

So, if you don't want to go that route, there is one precautionary measure you can take. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the display of your Google handset when it gets dirty. That's because these can prove to be detrimental for Google Pixel 4's oleophobic coating.

Since its release, we have heard many complaints regarding Pixel 4 such as less RAM, limited storage options, missing ultra-wide unit, and dismal battery life. But it has a lot of things going for it too, like excellent cameras, 90Hz display, Motion Sense, and decent performance.


The phone is pricey and that's the reason why consumers aren't so forgiving when it comes to shortcomings. After all, if they are paying top dollar for a device, they will expect a top-notch experience. A smudgy screen is definitely not something that will go down well. Moreover, it can also scare away potential buyers who might be thinking about benefiting from the ongoing holiday deals.

Pixel 4s oleophobic coating