Phone Comparisons: LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T


The time has come to compare the LG G8X ThinQ vs the OnePlus 7T. These two are both flagship-grade smartphone offerings from their respective companies. Well, they're both one of the flagship offerings, as several other flagship-grade phones have been announced by both companies lately.

In any case, both of these phones are quite compelling, and considerably more affordable than the competition from Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. The OnePlus 7T is especially worth pointing out as far as the price tag is concerned, but we'll talk about that later in the article.

As per usual, we'll compare the two phones across a number of categories. We'll kick things off by listing their specs, and then move to the design, display, performance, and so on. That is pretty much it, let's see who comes out on top in the LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T comparison.



LG G8X ThinQOnePlus 7T
Screen size6.4-inch FullHD+ OLED display6.55-inch fullHD+ Fluid AMOLED display (90Hz)
Screen resolution2340 x 10802400 x 1080
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 855Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+
Storage128GB; Expandable (up to 1TB)128GB/256GB; Non-Expandable
Rear cameras12MP (f/1.8 aperture, 1.4um pixel size, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS, 27mm lens)
13MP (f/2.4 aperture, 9mm ultrawide lens, 1.0um pixel size)
48MP (0.8um pixel size, f/1.6 aperture, PDAF, OIS, EIS, Laser AF)
12MP (f/2.2 aperture, 1.0um pixel size, PDAF, 2x optical zoom telephoto)
16MP (f/2.2 aperture, 17mm lens, ultrawide)
Front cameras32MP (f/1.9 aperture, 0.8um pixel size)16MP (f/2/0 aperture, 25mm lens, 1.0um pixel size)
Battery4,000mAh, Non-Removable,  21W Fast Battery Charging (QC 4.0), Qi charging (9W)3,700mAh, Non-Removable,  30W Fast Battery Charging
Dimensions159.3 x 75.8 x 8.4mm160.9 x 74.4 x 8.1mm
Weight192 grams190 grams
ConnectivityLTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, USB Type-CLTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C
SecurityIn-display fingerprint scanner (optical)In-display fingerprint scanner (optical)
OSAndroid 9 Pie
LG UX 9.0
Android 10
OxygenOS 10
Price$699 (with Dual Screen)$599
BuyAT&T / SprintOnePlus

LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Design

These two devices are fairly similar when it comes to design. Their front sides, in specific, look quite similar, while it's easy to tell them apart by looking at their backs. Both of these phones are made out of metal and glass, and they are quite similar in terms of dimensions as well.

The LG G8X ThinQ is a bit shorter, wider, and thicker than the OnePlus 7T. Both devices come with a tiny waterdrop display notch, and thin bezels all around. Both of them have a 'chin' below the display, but that bezel is extremely thin in both instances.

Corners are nicely curved on both phones, and the same goes for display corners as well. The LG G8 ThinQ includes horizontally-aligned cameras on the back, while the same goes for the OnePlus 7T as well. The OnePlus 7T's camera module on the back is circular, though, and it looks considerably different than what the LG G8X ThinQ has to offer. That camera module also protrudes on the back quite a bit.


Both devices are quite slippery, in case you were wondering. Using either of them without a case may not be the best idea in the world, that's for sure. In terms of the winner, well, we cannot make up our mind, if we're being honest. They look extremely similar on the front, while the back is more of a preference rather than anything else Some people will like that circular camera oreo, others, not so much.

Winner: Tie

LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Display

Both of these devices have fairly large displays. The LG G8X ThinQ comes with a 6.4-inch panel, while the OnePlus 7T includes a 6.55-inch display. Both panels are fullHD+ in resolution, and both are OLED displays.


There are quite a few differences here, though. The LG G8X ThinQ's display offers a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, while OnePlus' comes with a 20:9 aspect ratio. The LG G8X ThinQ's display is protected by the Gorilla Glass 6, while the OnePlus 7T's comes with Gorilla Glass 5.

OnePlus 7T Review AM AH 8 2
OnePlus 7T front side

The G8 ThinQ's panel supports HDR10 content, while the OnePlus 7T's comes with HDR10+ certification. The OnePlus 7T's panel refreshes at 90Hz, unlike the G8X ThinQ's, which is limited at 60Hz.

That is a big advantage for OnePlus' handset, as it will make everything seem more fluid. On top of that, the OnePlus 7T's panel looks better in comparison. OnePlus managed to drastically reduce blue light emission from that panel, and in technical tests, it beats quite a few smartphones. It's simply a better-looking panel overall.


Winner: OnePlus 7T

LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Performance

Now, when performance is concerned, well… they're both fairly good. We do have to note that the OnePlus 7T does perform a bit better, though. Both devices come with flagship SoCs, the G8 ThinQ includes the Snapdragon 855, while the OnePlus 7T ships with the Snapdragon 855+.

These two phones also include enough RAM, the G8 ThinQ comes with 6GB, while the OnePlus 7T includes 8GB of RAM. The OnePlus 7T not only has more RAM, and a better SoC, but it also comes with UFS 3.0 flash storage, compared to UFS 2.1 on the G8 ThinQ.


All that, plus OnePlus' software optimization with OxygenOS, and that extremely fluid display, make for a great performance. Performance that the G8 ThinQ cannot really compete with. The G8 ThinQ is a solid performer, a flagship-grade performer, but it's a level below the OnePlus 7T.

LG's software is much better than it used to be, but that software in collaboration with the phone's hardware can stutter from time to time. That is not something that you'll experience on the OnePlus 7T. Both phones can handle pretty much any game without a problem, so keep that in mind.

Winner: OnePlus 7T


LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Battery

In terms of battery life, both of these smartphones are fairly good. Both devices will be able to provide most of you with over 6 hours of screen on time on a single charge. We have to say that the OnePlus 7T does seem to be more consistent when it comes to battery life. We were even able to cross the 7-hour screen on time mark on the device, the battery life only got better with updates.

OnePlus 7T Review AM AH 4 2
OnePlus 7T back side horizontal

The OnePlus 7T does have a slightly larger display, and a smaller battery, 4,000mAh vs 3,800mAh. That only goes to show that OnePlus did a good job when it comes to software optimization. It's also worth saying that the OnePlus 7T's display is a 90Hz panel, so… all in all, you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to battery life here.

The OnePlus 7T also offers faster charging than the LG G8X ThinQ. It comes with 30W Warp Charge wired charging, while the G8X ThinQ supports Quick Charge 4.0 21W fast charging. The OnePlus 7T does not include wireless charging, though, unlike the G8X ThinQ, which supports 9W wireless charging


Winner: OnePlus 7T

LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Cameras

When cameras are concerned, both of these phones are fairly good. They do not offer the experience the Pixel 4 or the iPhone 11 (Pro) offer in this regard, but they're better than people think.

In good lighting, both phones can produce extremely vibrant photos, with a ton of detail, and great focus. White balance is also on-point, as is dynamic range. When the light goes away, they are also quite good, both of them. They will not reach the heights of the Pixel 4 in this regard, but they can provide a really nice shot with more than enough detail, and brighten that image up quite nicely. That goes even if it's a really dark environment, as both phones offer a special night mode for low light photography.

It is worth saying that both offer ultrawide cameras, and provide great shots with those shooters. The OnePlus 7T also comes with a telephoto lens, which is something the G8X ThinQ does not have. The OnePlus 7T also has a special ability to shoot macro photos, thanks to a special motor in the camera. It will allow you to come much closer to the subject than the G8 ThinQ, which is something people will appreciate.

The front-facing camera is good on both, but not great. The portrait mode is solid on both, but we've seen better. Both can provide quite a few details when it comes to selfies, as long as there's enough light in an image. When the light goes away, so does the quality. All in all, we'll give a small advantage to the OnePlus 7T, as it did provide better results in low light (more consistent), and it does have a telephoto camera, plus can shoot much better macro shots.

Winner: OnePlus 7T

LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T: Audio

When audio is concerned, the LG G8X ThinQ is a clear winner. The device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is something the OnePlus 7T does not have. On top of that, it offers a clearer, and richer sound via a proper pair of headphones.

If you're interested in the technical side of things, the G8 ThinQ comes with DTS:X Surround Sound, and its audio is tuned by Meridian Audio. The OnePlus 7T, on the other hand, has Dolby Atmos support.

Both devices include stereo speakers, and those speakers are really good in both instances. They can get quite loud, and they're even positioned the same, pretty much. The main speaker sits on the bottom of both phones, while the secondary one found its place above the display.

All in all, we give the G8 ThinQ an advantage here, mainly due to the sound it can produce when you plug in a pair of quality headphones, and the fact it has a 3.5mm audio jack.

Winner: LG G8 ThinQ

The Dual Screen factor

The LG G8X ThinQ has an aspect that the OnePlus 7T cannot compare with. For less than $700 you can get the phone itself, and the LG Dual Screen accessory. That accessory basically comes with a screen of its own.

That way, you'll have a foldable smartphone, with two displays. It's not the same as having a foldable display, but if you're into multitasking, this is great. The only downside is the fact that only a limited number of apps support this functionality as they should.

The overall winner

LG G8X ThinQOnePlus 7T

That brings us to the end of the LG G8X ThinQ vs OnePlus 7T comparison. All things considered, the OnePlus 7T is the winner here. OnePlus' flagship won in more categories than the LG G8X ThinQ, and on top of that, it's more affordable. The phone costs only $599, and if you're looking for a flagship-grade phone, and are unwilling to break the bank, you should consider this device.

OnePlus 7T AM AH 2
OnePlus 7T back side vertical

It offers better performance, and has a better display than the G8X ThinQ. On top of that, we liked the camera experience better on it as well. The LG G8X ThinQ should still be a pick for audiophiles, though.

Winner: OnePlus 7T