Overwatch-Inspired Shadowgun War Games Launches Early 2020


MADFINGER Games is getting ready to launch Shadowgun War Games in the near future. If you're unfamiliar with the game title, video footage and screenshots seem to suggest it's inspired by Overwatch. It should also provide a nice break from the multiplayer modes in Call of Call of Duty Mobile.

War Games is a 5v5 competitive multiplayer FPS. Which means you can expect a roster of unique characters with special abilities. MADFINGER says the game is going to be launching in early 2020, but hasn't given an exact date yet.

It is possible though to now pre-register for the game on Google Play.


Shadowgun War Games will have a beta before launch

Shadowgun War Games won't release before it's ready. To help with that, MADFINGER is going to be launching a beta of the game "very soon."

It won't mention an exact date for the beta either, but it could be coming before the end of 2019. To be clear, you've been able to sign up for the beta for a little while now. And, if you've any interest in playing an Overwatch-style game on mobile, you should sign up.

As mentioned above pre-registration is also available on Google Play. This is a good way to set up a notification for the moment the game is released.


So far there's not a lot known about the cast of characters, save for the five that have already been announced. All characters will be from the Shadowgun universe though, and will be a mix of new and old ones.

So far MADFINGER has announced Slade (from the original Shadowgun), Jet, Willow, Sara, and Revenant. It's also unclear if these will be the only five available at launch. Expect there to be more eventually even if that's the case. As five characters is a very small roster and wouldn't provide much variety.

That said the game will supposedly be updated regularly to add more stuff into the game. Which probably means more characters, more maps, more skins and emotes, and possibly match types.


Custom skins, emotes, and multiple match types

Whether or not there's a large variety in the character roster, there will be variety in character customization. War Games will have a collection of skins and emotes for your characters.

So as you play you can unlock these various skins and emotes and apply them. More than likely you'll be able to pay for them through micro transactions as well. If Shadowgun Legends is any indication.

War Games will be free-to-play, so micro transactions will definitely be present as this will be the monetization model for the studio.


There will be various match types too. Such as capture the flag. So players will have the ability to switch things up from game to game.