OPPO Developing A Foldable Tablet With Smartphone Dock

OPPO foldable tablet with smartphone dock patent 4

The latest OPPO patent, that surfaced on WIPO, reveals that the company is working on a foldable tablet with a smartphone dock. Sounds weird? Well, it kind of is, as we haven’t really seen anything like it thus far.

OPPO may create the very first foldable tablet with a smartphone dock

Truth be said, if this becomes a reality, it will not be the first tablet with a smartphone dock. It will, however, be the first foldable tablet with a smartphone dock.

Have you ever heard of the ASUS PadFone series? Well, if you haven’t, then you should know that ASUS released several PadFone devices, which is essentially a name for a tablet and smartphone combo.


This device came with a tablet that doesn’t work until you place a smartphone in the dock on the back. Once you do, whatever is running on the smartphone ends up being shown on the large tablet screen.

Well, it seems like this patent that OPPO submitted will do something similar, but with a foldable tablet. By foldable tablet, we do mean a tablet with a foldable display, just to be clear.

The last ASUS PadFone device was launched back in 2014, and it seems like OPPO may revive the concept. This is just a patent at this point, but it may become a reality down the road.


This tablet includes its own processor and battery

OPPO’s foldable tablet does include its own processor, and its own battery. The phone’s battery does not have to be used for supplying power to the tablet, which are great news, as that large display would probably kill the battery quickly.

It is noted in this patent, that providing power from the phone will be available, though. Wireless charging will be included in the package, if it ever becomes a reality.

This foldable tablet from OPPO does have Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC, it is noted in the patent. The camera and a music player module may also be integrated. Interestingly enough, this device will be able to work without a phone, unlike the PadFone.


It is noted that it will be able to work, but in a simplified form. Not much information was shared regarding that, however.

It also seems like this foldable tablet will be compatible with more than one OPPO smartphone. OPPO seems to be planning to release a list of phones that are supported.

This OPPO foldable tablet will be more of an accessory than anything else. It is an interesting concept, that’s for sure, but it remains to be seen if it will ever become a reality.