OnePlus Tipped To Release Its Very Own Fitness Band In 2020


OnePlus may actually announce a fitness band next year. This information comes from 'Tech Auntyji', a tipster. He shared this information via his official Twitter handle.

He basically referred to all people who have a fitness band or are planning to acquire one in the near future with these words: "never settle".

The 'Never Settle' motto has been OnePlus' bread and butter for years now, so it's quite clear who he is referring to. That being said, this may actually be the first time we're hearing about OnePlus' fitness tracker.


This is the first time OnePlus is tipped to release a fitness tracker

The company's name has been connected to a smartwatch and 'a wearable' in the past. Only rumors, though, and a sketch that surfaced three years ago. Rumors never mentioned a fitness tracker, though.

Now. the source did not share more information about the device. We don't even know when to expect this device to make an appearance.

If we had to guess, though, we'd say that it will launch alongside the OnePlus 8 series. That means that you can expect it in the second quarter of 2020, probably in April or May.


Sketches that surfaced back in 2016 (OnePlus shared sketches of its scrapped project) suggested that the OnePlus smartwatch will feature a round display. If this will be a fitness tracker, we can easily disregard those sketches, as the device will look considerably different.

Wearables are not exactly OnePlus' forte, but… the company did surprise us in the past

Now, the fitness band territory is brand new for OnePlus. We're not sure how the company plans to differentiate itself from the rest, but it has been doing a really good job with wireless earbuds.

It's not the same thing, that's true, but it will sure be interesting to see what the company has to offer. If OnePlus ends up releasing a fitness band, it will surely come with some unique features that work with the company's smartphones.


That fitness tracker will be compatible with all Android phones, though, of course. OnePlus' fitness tracker will probably be quite affordable as well.

That is pretty much the only way OnePlus will be able to find its way to success in this sector. Xiaomi has been doing a great job with its Mi Band fitness tracker, and so has Huawei with its own lineup.

All those devices are quite affordable, especially Xiaomi's offerings. Xiaomi's offerings are actually extremely affordable, so it will be interesting to see how OnePlus aims to compete with that. OnePlus' products are nowhere near as affordable as Xiaomi's, so… we'll see.