OnePlus 6 & 6T Users Reporting Issues Following Android 10 Update

OnePlus 6T AH NS 45 display

OnePlus had started rolling out Android 10 to the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T quite recently. The company had to stop the OnePlus 6 update in order to fix fingerprint scanner-related issues, though that has been fixed quickly. It seems like OnePlus did not manage to squash all bugs, though, as several issues arose for users that installed Android 10 on their OnePlus 6 / 6T smartphones.

As far as we know, Android 10 is still rolling out to both phones, as we speak. Not all users received the update, but quite a few of them will. Various reports on Reddit and OnePlus’ forums do suggest that Android 10 brought issues to the OnePlus 6 and 6T.

These bugs don’t seem to be as serious as the ones that beta users reported, though. OnePlus hopefully managed to fix some major issues that arose in beta updates, which we’ll also mention down below.


Keyboard-related issues

Several keyboard-related issues popped up, it seems. These issues are hitting only some users, as it’s usually the case with such bugs. Two users reported issues on Reddit. The first issue has to do with too much empty space under the keyboard.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we do know that one line is there by design. If you have Google’s navigation gestures activated, that horizontal line will be down there even when you activate the keyboard. A line of empty space will be there if that horizontal navigation line is deactivated in Settings, or if you’re using OnePlus gestures instead.

Google Keyboard issue OnePlus 6 Android 10

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For a user called ‘kingummmmm’, however, issues seem to be a bit different. In addition to Google’s navigation line, he has some extra space below the keyboard. This looks really weird in an image he provided. This is not a major issue, but it does look weird, and needs to be addressed.

A user who goes by the username ‘AlexanderTheGreatly’, reported three different issues. The first issue has to do with an empty space we’ve mentioned, but that is meant to be there, so is not really an issue. He is, however, also having issues with some lag while he’s typing. On top of that, whenever he locks his device when he’s in an app, the keyboard stops working, and he needs to kill the app in order to use it again.

Fingerprint scanner animation

Another reddit user, ‘agreenbhm’, says that he is having issues with a fingerprint scanner animation on the OnePlus 6T. He says that the animation keeps playing after he unlocks his display. He also submitted a video clip as proof. That animation seems to stop playing soon after he unlocks the display, so it’s not a huge issue.


He says that this is not a one-off issue, though. I have noticed something similar on my OnePlus 7 Pro after Android 10 arrived. The fingerprint scanner icon stayed on the display for a brief amount of time. This happened only twice, and haven’t really noticed the issue again, so it may be the same for this OnePlus 6T unit.

WiFi connectivity issues

A user called ‘felix_93’ is having some connectivity-related issues with his OnePlus 6T unit. He says that his device doesn’t connect to his home WiFi network anymore. Other new networks seem to work normally, but he cannot connect to his home network.

He tried restarting his device, deleting the network from the device memory, clearing cache, and changing mac randomization, but nothing helped. He managed to solve this issue by changing password type from WPA2 to WPA/WPA2 in router settings, though.


This is not something a user should need to do in order to get WiFi to work, though. So, if you’re having similar issues, you know what to do.

Most issues from beta builds seem to have been fixed

That is it as far as stable build issues are concerned, the ones we were able to find, at least. Users have been having more serious issues in beta builds, though. Some of them couldn’t get a notification LED light to work, while others have experienced random reboots. Such issues seem to have been fixed by OnePlus, so the company needs to iron out the remaining kinks soon.