The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works With Android 10 Devices


Many mobile games support gamepads, and now you can add the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to that list, if you're on Android 10.

As it turns out, the Switch Pro Controller seems to connect to Android 10 devices. As of right now it's only Android 10 too. So, if you're on an older version of Android you will be limited to other gamepads.

The good news is there's no shortage of options. For example, the Razer Junglecat that Razer just launched last week alongside the Hammerhead True Wireless. One thing to keep in mind, is that if you have Android 10, a Switch Pro controller is cheaper. Since it retails for $70 instead of $100.


Switch Pro controllers will only connect to Android 10 via Bluetooth

The Pro controller is now supported, and that's great for anyone who has one. It will however only connect via Bluetooth. If you're looking to save a little on battery life with a wired connection, don't waste your time.

Wired connections will work, but the inputs won't. Meaning you'll end up mashing buttons and nothing will happen. This isn't all bad though. Bluetooth connections will allow you to be wireless.

Because of this you won't be tethered. And, with no cable tether, you can easily sit back comfortably and prop your phone up on a stand.


Support was added back in June

The support for the Switch Pro Controller was added earlier this year. Specifically in the Summer. As pointed out by XDA Developers, the support was mentioned in an AOSP Gerrit commit as early as June 12.

Android 10 hadn't rolled out to devices at that time. However, the support being added in June just means that Google was preparing the capability. Android 10 began hitting devices around September 3 of this year.

Since that was a few months after Switch Pro controller support was added, any devices were sure to be able to connect to one once they updated.


If you're looking to connect a Switch Pro controller, the process isn't really any different from other controllers.

Simply hit the pairing button on the controller, which is on top next to the USB C port, and then select it from the device options in the Bluetooth menu on your phone.

If you don't have a Switch Pro controller, you can use any number of other console gamepads. The DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4 works. As does the Xbox One controller, the Joy Cons, and really any HID gamepad that uses Bluetooth.