New Stadia Features May Launch Every Week Post-Launch


Google may be prepared to launch new Stadia features every single week following the service's launch.

At least that's what Google is "aiming" for according to a Stadia employee. Not just any employee mind you, but Andrey Doronichev, Stadia's director of product management.

The answer is one given during the second Stadia AMA over on the official subreddit. You may remember that Doronichev did an AMA for the first time a few months back, and he's returned for another round of questions and answers leading into next week's launch of the service.


New Stadia features will pop up as soon as one week after launch

The plan isn't to just shoot for a new feature or two every single week after the launch. It's also to start releasing new features asap. Doronichev says that they want to release new features the very first week after the launch on November 19.

That would mean players can expect to see new features starting the week of November 25. If Google is able to stick to its hopeful schedule. Time will tell if it is actually able to release new features every week.

If it can, that will be good news for players. One thing to keep in mind is that eventually, there may not be any more features to release. Or at the very least not enough to keep them coming regularly.


Google could eventually get to a point where it's released just about every feature that it can in a short time. That won't mean new features will stop, but they could eventually take longer to launch.

All of this is speculative though. And there's no way to know for now how long Google will be able to keep a constant weekly feature rollout going.

Stream Connect feature to arrive by the end of 2019

Though things may always change, the Stream Connect feature could arrive before the end of 2019. To be more clear, Stream Connect may already be good to go.


However there are currently no games that support it. Doronichev says that he expects the first game that supports Stream Connect to arrive by the end of the year.

More will also be released next year and forward. Doronichev also says that games which support State Share and Crowd Play to release next year as well. Which means none of those features will be usable until sometime in 2020.

Part of this is likely due to the nature of the games available at launch. On day one, Stadia will have just twelve titles. And unfortunately, none of those seem to support State Share, Crowd Play, or Stream Connect. At least not now.