You Can Download Motorola Razr Wallpapers Before It Goes On Sale


The 2019 edition Motorola Razr isn't set to go on sale until January 2020 but you can actually now download the wallpapers for the newly-announced handset before that. That's thanks to India-based YTECHB, which recently leaked uploads of the wallpapers online to a Google Drive folder linked below. The photos are also available via Google Photos.

As expected, the source includes are a few different sizes of wallpapers. That's because they need to line up with the foldable internal P-OLED display, at around a 6.2-inches, as well as the external display. Motorola set the internal display at 876 x 2142 pixels resolution. It built the external display on G-OLED technology and that measures in at 2.7-inches or 600 x 800 pixels.

The displays are each under 4K resolution. That's mostly because the internal display features a very odd, tall resolution. So the wallpapers match that at up to 2160 x 2160 pixels resolution. There are a total of six wallpapers in the folder on Drive. Three of those are intended for the external display while the others work with the internal flexible panel.


In the latter case, two of the displays match up with Motorola's old UI and button interface. That is actually the same interface found on the original Motorola Razr, complete with digital versions of the physical key layout. On the Motorola Razr, using that mode will negate touch inputs on the top half of the display, letting users interact with the phone 'traditionally'.

Motorola isn't exactly spoiling users for choice here. Other wallpapers feature either a liquid steel aesthetic. For the external display, a fiery space-based wallpaper is available too.

About the device

As to the Motorola Razr itself, this phone cashes in on nostalgia. Motorola designed it to look almost identical to the original and like the original, it only comes in a single color. That's Noir Black. Set to go on pre-order as a Verizon exclusive in the US on December 26, it's going to cost $1,499.99 outright. Conversely, customers can buy the device for $62.49 per month on a 25-month plan.


At retailers and in-store, the phone will become available on January 9, while select Walmart locations will begin selling the Razr in January 2020. Globally, the device is expected to land in Europe in December and in Asia, Australia, and Latin America later on.

Justifying that price, Motorola built the new Razr around Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon 710 SoC. 6GB RAM and a non-expandable 128GB of storage back that up. Powering the device, Motorola includes a 15W fast-charging 2,510mAh capacity battery. That should perform okay but not brilliantly, given the screen size, chipset, and resolution.

The selfie-shooter here is decidedly old-school too, though not as old-school as the phone design at 5-megapixels with an f/2.0 aperture. For primary photography, a 16-megapixel lens at an f/1.7 aperture is included on the outside. That delivers a 1.22-micron pixel size, dual-pixel phase-detection autofocus, HDR support, and more.


Download the Motorola Razr Wallpapers Now

For the most part, the wallpapers that are now available for download aren't going to work well with devices that aren't the Motorola Razr. That's chiefly thanks to its size, which remains almost true to the original flip-style phone. The wallpaper that recreates that experience isn't going to have the same effect for non-Razr devices either.

Those simply don't have the requisite software to shut off the top portion of the screen. That includes the software required to enable on-screen buttons to interact like the original Motorola Razr. The unique notch and screen shape are also likely to get in the way of that.

Now, there is the possibility that experience could be approximated using a third-party launcher. But, for the average user, that's going to be a lot of work. For those who still want to access the full resolution Motorola Razr wallpapers anyway, those can be downloaded from Google Drive.