Motorola Razr Promo Videos Talk About The Phone's Design & Hinge


Motorola has released five official videos to promote its very first foldable smartphone, the Motorola Razr. These videos are a follow-up to the launch of the Motorola Razr, which we've covered in a separate article.

All five of these videos are embedded down below, and their duration varies from 6 seconds, all the way to 2:44 minutes. We'll talk about each of these five videos separate, so read on if you're interested.

The company's main Motorola Razr promo video shows the transformation of the original RAZR V3

The very first video is the company's main promo video for the device. This video is called 'Feel the Flip', and it has a duration of one minute. In this video, you'll see the original Motorola RAZR V3, and its transformation to the new Motorola Razr.


Motorola created a really nice-looking, and entertaining video in which the RAZR V3 basically peels off of the Motorola Razr. This video will provide you a really good look at the new Motorola Razr, from pretty much all angles.

The second video that the company published is called 'Razr is here!', and it's really short. This video clip has a duration of only 6 seconds, and it quickly shows the device folding and unfolding. This video will also allow you to see the phone from all angles.

The third video is the same as the second one. It's called 're-discover an icon', and it shows the same content as the second one, but in a vertical format. This video is a second shorter than the previous one, though. Both of these short videos are embedded below this paragraph.



This hinge keeps the phone perfectly flat when it's unfolded

The fourth video has a duration of 23 seconds, and it's quite interesting. It's called 'side autoloop 3', which is a rather generic design, but this video gives you some insight into the phone's hinge. This hinge is really interesting, and it enables the phone to be perfectly flat when unfolded.

This is essentially a video representation of the assembly of the phone's hinge. As you can see, it's considerably different han on the Galaxy Fold. This video will also show you the reverse process, of the disassembly.


The last video that the company shared is actually the longest one. It has a duration of 2:44 minutes, and this is basically the 'behind the scenes' video, as its name says.

In this video, Motorola's employees share some insight into the development of the Motorola Razr. They say that they did not want to "recreate the RAZR V3", but create a new one, to re-engineer it.

The company's employees say it took them four years to accomplish this. The company's employees say that they started to cooperate with Lenovo's engineering team back in 2015, on both this phone's display and hinge. They offered a different perspective, which helped develop this device.


You don't have to be extremely gentle when you're using the Motorola Razr

The hinge really seems to be the best part of the whole design. It gets out of the way when the phone is folding, but when it's unfolded, it supports the display, makes it more robust. Motorola did not say that you have to be extremely gentle with this plastic display, unlike Samsung. This hinge also make sure that the Motorola Razr offers a zero-gap folding experience. Motorola's employees share more interesting info in this video, and it's embedded down below, if you're interested.