Save $100 On The 5G-Upgradeable Moto Z4 Smartphone


Today, you can save $100 on the Moto Z4 in this Amazon Sale.

This brings the price of the Moto Z4 down to just $399. Making it one of the cheapest 5G smartphones around.

Though, you are still going to need to get that 5G Moto Mod, which is around $200 from Verizon. It also only supports 5G on Verizon, unfortunately. But the phone itself is unlocked and will work on all four US carriers. That includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.


The Moto Z4 is a pretty decent smartphone, it's nothing fancy like a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 though, hence why it's close to a third of the price. It sports a 6.4-inch full HD+ display with a teardrop notch. Inside you'll find the Snapdragon 675 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There is also a micro SD card slot that can be used for expanding storage. And Motorola also supports Adoptable Storage, so that micro SD card can be used for storing apps and games too.

This is all powered by a 3600mAh capacity battery inside.

On the camera optics, there is a single 48-megapixel camera sensor. Which makes it one of the few smartphones released in 2019 that has a single camera sensor on the back. That camera is actually pretty good though.


Since it's 48-megapixels, it's able to get a lot more detail for your shots, and essentially takes four 12-megapixel pictures and combines it into one 12-megapixel image. This makes the image smaller, so it doesn't take up as much space on the Moto Z4.

This is a Moto Z smartphone, which means that it is also going to work with the existing Moto Mods out there. We've already mentioned the 5G Moto Mod that is available, but there is also the Power Pack Moto Mod that really comes in handy. As you can keep your Moto Z4 running all day long without needing to be tied to an outlet to charge your phone. There is also the JBL Boost Moto Mod and many others out there.

If you owned a previous Moto Z smartphone, then this is a really good choice, since those older Moto Mods do work on the new Moto Z4.


You can pick up the Motorola Moto Z4 unlocked smartphone from Amazon by clicking here. But you'd better hurry, this price is not going to last long, and there's no telling how long this Moto Z4 sale is going to last.

Moto Z4 - Amazon - $399