Minecraft Earth Lands In The UK, So Perhaps A US Launch Is Close

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth, the upcoming augmented reality game based on the popular PC and console title, just landed in the UK.

This is the latest location where the game has been released in early access. Initially, the game was launched in early access in only two locations around the globe.

Back on October 17, Minecraft Earth hit early access in New Zealand and Iceland. Other regions followed soon after.


The news about the UK was posted to the official Minecraft Earth twitter page yesterday morning. Which means, anyone who lives in the UK should already be able to see it pop up in the Play Store.

One thing to keep in mind is that many users seem to be unable to download the game. Quite a few people on the twitter post have commented that it isn’t showing up for them in the Play Store or the App Store.

The UK is the ninth country for Minecraft Earth early access

The UK may have just received early access yesterday. And New Zealand and Iceland in the middle of last month. The UK is the ninth country to get access though. After the first two, Minecraft Earth launched in early access in Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Canada, and South Korea as well.


All of that happened within the last two to three weeks. Given the quick rollouts for additional launch countries, Microsoft seems to be continuing on a path of a speedy launch.

That being said there’s no telling where the game will go live next.

The US may not be far behind

Microsoft hasn’t said anything about a US launch yet. At least, not beyond the fact that it would be coming later this year. That’s the only time frame that US users have.


However, the UK is a pretty close region to the US. Generally, when games launch in the UK, another Western region, the US is either before it, or not too far behind. Yesterday’s UK launch of the game could suggest the US may be up next.

It may as easily not point to this as well. But, users should definitely keep an eye on the official Minecraft Earth twitter just in case. Additionally, users who signed up for beta access should keep an eye on their email inbox.