John Legere Will Step Down As T-Mobile CEO On May 1


After a rumor surfaced last week that John Legere might be leaving his CEO post at T-Mobile to head up WeWork, we now know that he will actually be leaving T-Mobile on May 1.

In a series of Tweets this morning, Legere announced that he will be handing over the keys to the T-Mobile kingdom on May 1, to Mike Sievert. He is already the president, COO and a member of the board of directors at T-Mobile US.

So this was the logical move for T-Mobile to make. And it really looks like Legere was grooming Sievert to take over this position for the past few years.


Will Legere be heading to WeWork next year?

That rumor was not confirmed. All we know right now is that Legere is leaving T-Mobile on May 1. That means he would be CEO of T-Mobile for about seven and a half years. That's not a bad tenure for a CEO, especially in the wireless industry.

WeWork wanted a CEO in place by January 1. And if Legere isn't leaving until May 1, that means that he may not be taking the reigns of WeWork, unless it is okay with Legere coming in a bit later in the year.

WeWork is in desperate need of a CEO that can turn its ship around, and believes that Legere could be the one to do just that. After all, we've seen what he's done with T-Mobile in the seven years he's been there. Taking it from a carrier that was on life support, to being one of the most popular carriers in the industry.


It's likely that if Legere is taking the reigns at WeWork, that it'll be WeWork that announces it. And it could be as soon as today.

This move shouldn't affect the pending merger

T-Mobile, Sprint and its parent companies are hoping that the merger will be approved rather soon. Though this does sort of throw a wrench in its plan. Seeing as John Legere was supposed to be the CEO of the New T-Mobile.

Now it looks like Sievert will be taking the reigns of the new combined company. That's if the merger is approved.


It's been in the approval process for nearly a year and a half at this point. So it's anyone's guess whether it'll go through or not.

Sievert is dedicated to keeping the Un-Carrier movement going. He's seen how successful that has been for T-Mobile as well as the industry. So it's no surprise that he wants to keep that going.

Legere will be working with Sievert over the coming months, to ensure a smooth transition in leadership.