Huawei Will Announce Its HarmonyOS Strategy Tomorrow

Huawei HarmonyOS image 1

CNBC recently conducted an interview with Huawei’s chairman, Liang Hua. During that interview, Mr. Hua shared some rather interesting information about HarmonyOS, Huawei’s very own OS, including a time for the HarmonyOS strategy announcement.

HarmonyOS strategy will be announced tomorrow

HarmonyOS was announced back in August, and it seems like Huawei will announce its HarmonyOS strategy on November 20. That is basically everything Mr. Hua shared on that matter, we’ll have to wait for November 20 in order to find out more.

This interview was conducted before the US decided to extend Huawei’s license, and allow limited exports to Huawei. That being said, Mr. Hua said that the HarmonyOS strategy announcement will follow regardless of the US decision.


During this interview, Mr. Hua did once again confirm that Huawei is developing HMS, as an alternative to GMS. It will take time to develop, but the company is working on it. Mr. Hua admitted it could take Huawei several years to get it done properly.

The company’s chairman did say that thanks to its partners, this development could accelerate, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

The Trump administration did extend Huawei’s license, but the company is still not allowed to use GMS. In other words, Huawei is not allowed to ship its new devices with Google services / apps, and that is an issue for consumers.


For users in China, it’s not an issue at all, but everywhere else, however, it’s a considerable problem. The biggest problem of all is the fact that Huawei cannot offer users access to the Play Store, so they’re quite limited in terms of applications.

This is actually why the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 flagship series has been postponed in Europe. The company is trying to figure out a way how to make it work.

The first stage of the US-China trade deal is almost complete

It was recently reported that the first stage of the US-China trade deal is almost complete. As part of that stage, Huawei could be granted permission to use GMS once again.


Unfortunately for Huawei, it got stuck in the US-China trade war. The two companies have been going back and forth for quite some time now, and for the sake of Huawei and global competition, it will hopefully be resolved soon.

Huawei is, after all, the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It is quite important to keep the balance in the market, needless to say.

In Mr. Hua’s interview, he was asked quite a few general things regarding the company’s business and the situation with the US. If you’d like to check out the whole transcript, follow the link in the first paragraph.