Huawei May Release A Vertically-Folding Smartphone As Well


Huawei has been granted a new patent with the Hague International Design system. This new design patent by Huawei reveals a vertically-folding smartphone which resembles the Motorola Razr, to a degree.

TechieWorld notes that this patent contains "data regarding new international registrations, renewals, and modifications affecting existing international registrations". The database is managed by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

Now, this design does not resemble the Motorola Razr as much as Xiaomi's does. This device will not have a secondary display on the outside, unlike what Motorola delivered with the new Razr.


This design suggests that Huawei will release a vertically-folding smartphone

This design by Huawei delivers a vertically-folding smartphone with one display. Once the phone folds, most of its display will be covered, but not the whole display. A small portion up top will remain uncovered, and thus be able to provide you with some info when the phone is folded.

Yes, that means that this device does not fold in the middle, but a bit below the middle. It's a rather interesting approach by Huawei, that's for sure. Sketches that were submitted with this patent design suggest all physical keys will sit on the right.

The volume up, volume down, and power / lock buttons will be located on the right. This device will include really thin bezels, and its display will sport rounded corners. The device itself will also include rounded corners.


The sketches report that the device has three vertically-aligned cameras on the back. Below those cameras, you'll notice an LED flash, and some additional sensors. All three cameras are located in the top-left corner of the phone's back.

That is pretty much everything that this design patent revealed. As it's usually the case with design patents, we're not sure if Huawei will introduce this phone at all. The company did secure this design, but it remains to be seen if it will become a reality.

Huawei is expected to release its second foldable handset next year

If Huawei does release this phone in the near future, it will become its second foldable device. The Mate X was announced earlier this year, and it went on sale in China quite recently.


The demand for the Mate X was quite considerable in Huawei's homeland. If this vertically-folding device becomes a reality, it will be a direct competitor to Samsung's upcoming foldable.

Samsung already teased its upcoming, vertically-folding smartphone, which will probably be called the Galaxy Fold 2. So it will become Samsung's second-ever foldable.

The Motorola Razr will try to compete with these two heavyweights. It surely has its benefits, but the Razr is a mid-range foldable smartphone, while we're quite certain that both the Galaxy Fold 2, and Huawei's upcoming vertically-folding smartphone will be flagship-grade devices.


We're not sure when this Huawei-branded phone may arrive, though. If it ever becomes a reality, we may see it announced in the first or second quarter next year.