Huawei Looking To Reward Staff For Great Work During US Trade Ban


Huawei has confirmed that it will hand out CNY2 billion ($286 million) in bonuses, according to South China Morning Post. Huawei will give out $286 million to reward staff who worked hard to help the company weather the US trade ban.

The company says that this cash reward is a mark of recognition for work in the face of US pressure. As most of you know, Huawei issued a trade ban to Huawei back in May, and that prevented it from doing business with American companies.

Huawei lost the ability to source key parts due to that issue, while it also lost its business cooperation with Google. In fact, Huawei lost access to Google services, it was prevented from pre-installed them on its devices. That created quite an issue for the company.


Huawei will double the pay for this month, for all of its workers

In any case, Huawei will also double the pay for this month, for almost all of its workers. Huawei will do that in order to reward its 190,000 workers, the company's spokesman said.

$286 million in bonuses will go towards special units within the company, as a reward for their hard work

Now, as far as the $286 million reward is concerned, that will probably go to the research and development teams, and those working to shift the company's supply chains away from the US.

Huawei managed to deal with that issue admirably, as the only issue that remains is of the software nature. Huawei still does not have access to Google services, and that presents a huge issue for them.


One of the company's executives said it will take Huawei at least a couple of years to replace Google services. Still, a ray of light appeared recently. The first chapter of the trade deal between the US and China seems to be close, and that could allow Huawei to utilize Google services yet again.

Huawei's sales seem to be unaffacted by the trade ban, yet

Huawei actually managed to do really well since the trade ban. The company even sold more phones than they expected. That will probably change if the trade deal isn't reached, as users outside of China are used to Google apps / services.

This trade ban actually managed to affect the availability of the Mate 30 series as well. Huawei was unable to stick to its regular release cycle, and offer the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro in time because of this.


Pretty much every Android user wants to have access to the Play Store, and have access to the full library of Android apps. Access to Google apps is a given as well, including Chrome, Google Maps, and so on.

Well, Huawei has issues offering that due to the trade ban, at least in an official way. We'll see what the company will come up with in the end.

Let's hope that the US and China will reach an agreement in the near future. Huawei will suffer if that does not happen, and so will the competition in the mobile sector. Huawei is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and it plays a huge role in the order of things.