How Will 5G Impact The Mobile Internet And The Everyday Apps We Use?


Most people will know 3G and 4G network speeds because they accompanied the rise of mobile phones and mobile web browsing. But the new generation of internet speeds is here, and it's called 5G. This is the fifth generation of network connectivity and it promises many changes.

What Is Different About 5G?

In the most fundamental terms, 5G will be the fastest telecommunications protocol we have had access to. It will deliver much lower latencies and the fastest speeds. In fact, 5G promises data download speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. That's faster than most cabled internet access and certainly faster than most current broadband speeds.


What Does This Really Mean?

The fifth generation of mobile access will be super fast, but what does that really mean for the average consumer? Here's what 5G means for users:

1. The Internet of Things


The internet of things – or IoT – is a concept where everyday things, such as thermostats, refrigerators, and vehicles, are always connected to the internet. They can share data and our lives can be much more improved.

For example, if air conditioning systems in homes are connected to the internet, they can quickly report usage and temperature data to a central server. The electricity grid can then deploy AI to adapt to surges or drops in demand.

When we have 5G, low latencies are much more stable connections that will enable widespread connection of such devices.


2. Much Improved Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been all the rage for some time now, but one of the biggest issues with it is latencies that are simply too high. This means that data transfers are slower, and it severely limits the size and complexity of applications that can be stored in the cloud.

With 5G, that all changes almost overnight. Once 5G has become mainstream, much more complex applications can be stored and delivered through cloud services.


For example, Unibet provides mobile applications that allow users to gamble responsibly and engage in gaming. When 5G enters the picture, such a company can deliver services via a super-fast cloud over 5G connections.

What does this mean for an online casino like this? Here's what 5G will offer this industry:

  • 4K and high definition streaming of live events that will provide much more authenticity of the casino experience.
  • Saving memory and storage space on mobile devices because all application data can be delivered in real time from the cloud.
  • Low latencies for improved device to device communication to make the online casino experience much more realistic.
  • The possibility of a virtual reality experience so that players can experience an online casino without any lag or data loss.

Low latency gaming will boom in popularity as people are able to experience a much smoother gaming experience. Ultra-high definition sound and video, and low latencies will vastly improve the gaming experience.


3. Voice Over IP Improvements

VoIP is a popular form of peer to peer communication, but lag and higher latencies create dropouts and other issues. This is especially evident in video calls where there are interruptions to the video stream. The imminent roll out of 5G will effectively make these dropouts a thing of the past due to much lower latencies.

Conclusion – The Future Is 5G


We have lived with 4G connections for some years now and it's time to move to the next level. 5G represents a seismic shift in how data can be delivered and the consumer experience. This includes gaming, cloud computing, media streaming, VoIP, and the Internet of Things.