How To Find The Mystery Box In Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode


Call of Duty Mobile's Zombies Mode is here, and if you've never played Zombies in any Call of Duty game, there's a few things to learn. Perhaps most importantly, is where to find the Mystery Box.

This particular box has the potential to grant you some pretty powerful weapons or useful items. It can also give you useless garbage. That's the catch. It's random. So each time you open it you have no idea what you're getting.

The thrill of potentially getting something awesome though is enough to warrant tracking it down. The thing is, it's not always in the same exact spot. It random spawns somewhere in the map so you'll have to search for it.


The good news is that it's not too hard to track down. In fact the level actually gives you a pretty useful indicator. In this brief guide we'll discuss some of the tips for playing Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile, and show you where to grab the Mystery Box. Or, at least what to look for so you know where to go get it.

Call of Duty Zombies Mode is more or less the same as in any other CoD

The reason it's important to know this is because you generally won't be able to get to the Mystery Box right away. It'll spawn on the map somewhere and you'll have to go get it. But you start each Zombies match in the same exact location. Which is in the top-floor room of a house with all of your other team mates.

Before you can leave this room you'll need to kill zombies in at least one or two waves. Once you rack up a few kills, you'll start acquiring points, which is your currency within the mode.


That money lets you not only buy better weapons from areas around the map, but it'll also let you unlock doors that will lead to new areas. So, the goal here is to stay alive long enough to get some doors unlocked.

Once you've done that and can make it outside of the house, you can focus on finding the box. Keep in mind that you'll still have to fight off zombies along the way. And, getting to the box probably won't be a straight shot.

Look for the giant beam of light in the sky

Your one and only indicator as to where the box is located is a giant beam of light in the sky. Once you're out of the house, look up and start looking around in different directions periodically.


Look for the beam of light shooting up into the sky and once you've located it, head in that direction to find the Mystery Box.

Once you get to it, it'll cost you 850 points to open the box for a chance at a random weapon. You can open it more than once, and your teammates can spend points to open it as well. If you don't like what you get the first time around, spend another 850 points and try your luck again.

That's pretty much it. As mentioned before the box can pop up in different locations around the map. So look for the beam of light throughout the match and sprint for it once you see it. If you want to be a good teammate, make sure to mention to your fellow players that the box is up, so you can all head towards it together.