How To Buy Games On Stadia

Stadia Your Games

With Stadia now available, you might be wondering how you can buy games and the answer in short, is on Android. In this brief guide we'll walk you through how you can make your purchases so you can dive into playing new titles.

Google already confirmed that you'll need the Stadia app to buy new games. So, let's dive in and walk you through the process. It's fairly quick, and pretty seamless, just like the setup process. If you're interested in seeing how Stadia performs, check out our review.

To buy games on Stadia, open the Android app

This is the first of very few steps to buying a new game on the platform. You'll already have the app installed if you've setup the service. Which you need to do to buy games in the first place.


So navigate over to the app and open it up. Once it loads, tap on the store button in the bottom left corner to bring up the games you can purchase.

Listed at the top will be the Stadia Pro games, which will be any game that comes with having a Pro subscription. The first free game that's part of the service is Destiny 2: The Collection, so you'll see a large banner for that. More are coming each month, and Google has already added a second – Samurai Showdown.

Under the Stadia Pro games, you'll see more to discover, and all games sections. Both of these lists will be pretty sparse right now since the day one launch library is pretty small. These will grow as time goes on though and Google adds more games.

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Also expect them to change based on your engagement. If you want to see every game you can purchase, tap the "see all" button in the all games  section and it'll bring up the entire list. Then, just tap the game you want to buy.

You can buy bundle packs or individual add-ons

Stadia will have the games you can purchase as well as bundle packs. Bundle packs will basically be giant collections of the different add-ons for games.

You don't have to buy the entire bundle pack though. For example, you can buy a $90 bundle pack for Mortal Kombat 11 that contains a ton of different DLC content.


If you scroll towards the bottom of the page for the bundle pack, you'll see all the add-ons that are included in the bundle. You can also tap on each of these add-ons individually to buy just that add-on.

This gives you the opportunity to pick up some extra content for a game you're playing without having to buy all of it. At first glance, it looks like all that's available is the bundle as a whole. As there's no section for add-ons at all.

That is simply the way things are laid out. You can in fact buy individual add-ons though. And it should look like this for all games which have this kind of DLC content.


Once you find a game or add-on you want, tap the buy button and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. That's it. Now you can enjoy what you just picked up. And don't forget, you can use Google Play gift cards and Google Play credits towards these purchases.