HONOR View30 PRO Flagship Coming To Global Markets In Q1 2020


HONOR had announced its new flagship smartphones yesterday, and it seems like they'll be coming to global markets soon. Bhavya, who is a Global PR lead at the company, said that the HONOR View30 PRO will be coming to the global markets in Q1 2020.

The HONOR View30 PRO is coming to global markets in Q1 2020, probably along with the regular View30

She specifically mentioned the HONOR View30 PRO, not the regular View30. It is possible that happened because she used a specific hashtag on Twitter, as both devices are expected to become available.

The difference between the HONOR View30 and View30 PRO is minimal, so the company may opt to bring only one of the two to global markets. We'll just have to wait and see.


HONOR basically announced the HONOR V30 and View30 series at the same time yesterday. Those are the same phones, but they carry different names in different markets.

The HONOR V30 naming is reserved for HONOR's homeland only, while the device(s) will be released under the View30 brand outside of China.

Bhavya also shared some images of the HONOR View30 PRO in her tweet. We already know what the phone will look like, as it got announced yesterday. You can check out the device in four different colors here, though.


This may be Bhavya's way of confirming that the HONOR View30 PRO will reach global markets in these color variants. These are basically all the color variants that HONOR introduced yesterday.

All four color variants will become available

We're looking at the Ocean Blue, Galaxy Black, Icelandic Frost, and Sunrise Orange color options here. The source did not say which markets will get the View30 PRO in Q1 2020, though.

It still remains to be seen how will HONOR handle the US ban issue. HONOR is Huawei's company, and is, therefore, also banned from using Google services.


In other words, at the moment, the company cannot install Google services on its new devices. That could be a huge problem for the View30 PRO launch, if things don't change in the coming months.

Users won't be able to access the Play Store, or any other Google-made app if that happens. Without the Play Store, you're losing access to a huge database of Android applications. Huawei has its own store for Android apps, but it's not even close to the Play Store. HONOR will hopefully find a way around it, though we're still hoping the ban will be lifted by then.

The HONOR View30 PRO is fueled by the Kirin 990, and it supports 5G connectivity. The device includes 8GB of RAM, and it is made out of metal and glass. There's much to like on this phone, and if you'd like to know more, check out our official announcement.