At $79, This 32" Hisense TV with Android TV Is At Set-Top Box Prices – Best Buy Black Friday Deals


There are cheap TVs and then there are cheap TVs. Right now, the 32-inch Hisense 32H5590F LED TV is an extremely cheap TV.

Generally speaking, Hisense TVs are fairly affordable to begin with. After all, the company has made its name offering user-friendly products at affordable prices.

However, this just makes it all the more interesting when they do go on sale. While you already know you are getting a good value product, you are now getting it at a rock bottom price.


This is especially the case when discussing a TV, powered by Android TV, that’s on sale for less than $80.

Here’s the deal

Right now, you can pick up the Hisense H5500 for just $79 from Best Buy. Last week, this same TV was available to buy priced at $149.99.

While it is hard to argue against a TV priced at $150, try arguing against one at $79.


Okay, so this is not exactly the best, newest, or most stocked with features TV out there. However, it is less than $80 and for that price you are getting more than you are paying for.

Most notably, this TV comes running on Android TV. That means you get access to the Google Play Store and all your favorite streaming apps. This is in addition to Google Assistant, Chromecast built-in and much more.

The major downside with this TV is that it caps at 720p. However, this is only a 32-inch screen and so the resolution is unlikely to be as much of an issue for some as it might be on a larger TV.


Put simply, if you are looking for a new TV for a smaller room at home, school, work, or just about anywhere, for $80 this is worth picking up.

You can barely buy a set-top box for that money, let alone a smart TV equipped with a polished interface designed for streaming.

32 inch Hisense Android TV - $79 - Best Buy