Here's Another Look At The New Moto Razr With A Foldable Display


If you've been eager to see more of the new Moto Razr with its folding screen panel, some new leaked images allow you to do just that.

A new set of documents from the FCC seem to have revealed images of the upcoming device.

They look exactly like the phone in previous leaks that have popped up before now. However these new images show off a little more of the phone. And from various angles. Giving some better perspective on the phone's size and dimensions.


The new Moto Razr looks deceptively thin

Images will never be the same as seeing a device in real life. Holding it in your hands and getting to run your fingers over the material that it's made with.

Seeing images just isn't enough to tell how thin a device may be. All that aside the new Moto Razr looks deceptively thin judging by the images from the FCC.

A couple of the photos show the phone from both sides with the screen completely unfolded. While others show the phone in a fully folded state from the front and the back.


Motorola definitely kept true to the original Razr design, save for a few modern tweaks. The most prominent being the display panel that folds in half. Instead of folding like the Galaxy Fold though, it folds lengthwise. Giving it a sort of square shape when closed.

The new Moto Razr is being shown off at an event today

There is still no actual launch date for Motorola's re-imagining of the Razr phone. It is however being showed off at an event today.

This is a private event rather than a public one. As invites to the event were only sent out to certain members of the press, and Motorola has made no attempts to advertise any sort of live stream.


Streams are usually fairly common for these kinds of events. So it would be unusual for a company to have a product launch event and not broadcast it. Unless it was meant to be private so media could get a first-hand look at what's coming.

For the rest of the people interested in the device, the leaked FCC images will have to do. For now. Since no announcement has been officially made by Motorola yet, there's no word on specs.

One image from the leaked set though does appear to show that Motorola used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor inside the device.