Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Has A Whole Bunch Of Events This Month


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just wrapped up Dark Arts month, but it has a whole bunch of events planned for this month too.

A bunch of events you say? Yes. There will be plenty to keep you busy during the month of November. Which means you definitely want to keep your magic skills sharp.

Technically, events started on November 3, but you still have time to participate in that one in particular. The November 3 event, which continues until November 9, is International Games Week at libraries.


For this event, any player who goes to a local library will have the chance to encounter super strong wizards from the world of Harry Potter. These will be iconic characters such as Hermione and Neville.

More Harry Potter: Wizards Unite events start November 7

In addition to the event that started November 3 and ends in a couple days, another event starts tomorrow, November 7.

This event focuses on stronger brilliants. In fact that's the name of the event. The Stronger United Brilliant event. This is a two-part event that players will get to take part in.


The first part goes until November 14, and players will need to help out members from the Order of The Phoenix. A few days after the first part of this new Brilliant event it will be Community Day.

As always, this will be a one-day thing, so you won't want to miss it. For Community Day this month, the goal is to take on more difficult wizard challenges. Niantic and WB Games don't mention how much harder these will be.

They do however note that you won't want to take them on alone. Urging players to bring friends with them. Which suggests they may be fairly tough.


The second part of the Brilliant event starts November 19

After the Community Day you will get a couple of days rest. But be ready for more action because the Stronger United Brilliant event part two starts on November 19.

For this portion of the event players will need to band together with more iconic characters from the Harry Potter universe. This time from within the Ministry of Magic. Players will have the chance to run into Arthur Weasley and Percy Weasley.

This portion of the Brilliant event will continue through till November 26, so you'll have a week to partake in its activities.


To wrap up the month of events, Niantic is launching the Legends of Hogwarts event on November 26, the same day the Brilliant event ends. In this event, which goes until December 2, players will need to return Foundables.

Once again players will have a week to complete the event's tasks. But since it's not known exactly how many tasks there will be, you may want to open the game the first day to check things out.