Google Updates Play Store Design On Wear OS For Easier Navigation

Wear OS New Google Play design

Google has recently sent out an update to the Play Store on Wear OS that changes the design a little.

It still looks mostly the same as before, but there are a few tweaks. The most notable is that it’s now supposed to be easier to navigate.

Now when you’re scrolling through the Play Store on your Wear OS watch, it should be simpler to get to apps and other options.


The Play Store on Wear OS loses the pull-down menu

One of the noticeable changes you’ll see once you update is the lack of the pull-down menu.

This used to be at the top of the watch display. And, would allow you to access various play store features. You had access to your apps, settings, and quick shortcut to the homescreen.

Google has since moved these options to the bottom of the homescreen. So, if you scroll you’ll end up seeing things like accounts, and settings.


You also no longer have the my apps section. As part of the new Play Store design, Google simplified this particular menu by separating the apps which are on your watch and on your phone into their own sections.

The my apps section is still there like before, it’s just been moved to a new location. When you boot up the Play Store on your watch, you’ll see the apps on your phone section first. Scroll the bottom and this is where you’ll find the my apps section.

When you tap it, everything within is listed as apps on your watch, as these are all apps which are only installed on your watch and not on your phone too. This is also where you will see any available updates, and have the ability to update the apps as needed.


The update seems to have started this week

The update may not have been rolling out to devices long. It seems in fact that it may have started hitting devices this week. More specifically within the last day or so.

That means you may still see the old Play Store app design on your own Wear OS watch until it updates on its own.

If you haven’t yet received the update for the Play Store on your watch, try connecting it to your smartphone if it isn’t already. It might just be that your watch needs to be connected to a data source before it can start the update.