Google Nest Storytime Makes It Easier For Soldiers To Be Away From Their Families


Google Nest is releasing a new feature this week called Storytime. It was actually inspired by a military family, but it's one that everyone can use.

Nest has already had the ability to read along with you, when reading stories to your kids at night. But Storytime is a little bit different.

Storytime is going to allow you to record your stories, so that your spouse can play them when you're away. This is especially useful for those that are in the military and likely won't be around for the holidays. Their kids can still hear their voice, thanks to storytime.


Obviously, this still doesn't replace Dad or Mom (and in some cases, both) not being there. But at least the kid(s) can hear their voice.

How does Storytime work?

Storytime works pretty easily. All you need to do is record new stories or upload existing audio files to All of these recordings are saved securely in the cloud, and you will be the only one that has access to them. When you share them with others in your family, they won't be able to share them with other people. Only you can do that.

Then you can listen to these stories by asking Google to "Talk to My storytime".


It's pretty simple to use, and Storytime is going to be rolling out to Google Nest later this week.

Storytime isn't just for Military families

Storytime is a really great feature for those that travel a lot and can't be home with their families all of the time.

Or even nurses that have to work the night shift and don't get a chance to tuck their kid(s) into bed at night and read them a bedtime story. It's a really cool feature, and one that is likely to become a popular one with families. Especially these busy families.


There are nearly 100,000 parents deployed each year, to help keep this world safe. And there are nearly 250,000 kids around the country that have one or both parents deployed because of this. Storytime was created by a military family, to help fill that void of a parent being gone for a good amount of time. As sometimes these soldiers can be deployed for up to a year at a time, and that's long time to go without seeing your dad.

It's a simple yet very useful and effective feature for Google Nest.