Google Assistant Comes To Xbox One In Latest Console Update

Xbox One Google Assistant

Microsoft has had a deluge of updates about Xbox this past 24 hours, and now Google Assistant can be added into the mix.

With the latest console update to Xbox One, Google Assistant has been integrated. This means users can now interact with the console by voice through Google Assistant.

There are various things gamers can do with this new feature, making interaction with the console a whole lot more convenient. For example, you can ask Google to pause your game.


Google Assistant support on Xbox One has a wide array of controls

Pausing games of course isn’t the only thing Google can do for you with your console. In addition to pausing your game, you can also ask Google to start the console.

It’s not really difficult to turn on the console the normal way. That said, it’s no doubt easier to ask Google to turn it on for you. Especially if you’re across the room and want to turn it on before you sit down.

You can also ask Google to turn the console off, pause videos, launch games and apps, alongside a few more functions. Overall, the integration should be plenty useful in letting you be more hands-free with the console. Even if you only use it every so often.


Google Assistant isn’t actually on the Xbox One

Assistant isn’t actually on the console. Rather, you interact with the console through Google Assistant on your phone or smart speaker or through the Xbox app.

If you don’t have a Google Assistant smart speaker yet, now might be a good time to consider one. That way if you don’t have your phone within range, you can still use the Assistant features.

In addition to Google Assistant support Microsoft added some other new features to the update. One of these is text filters that allow players to avoid toxic or negative conversations. That said, these are just filters. Players have the discretion to enable them or not.


There will be multiple levels of filtering as well, starting with friendly, then moving to medium, mature, and then a completely unfiltered chat. It’s also now possible to change your gamertag by adding numbers at the end in a similar fashion to Discord.

This will make it a little easier for players to choose a name they really want, then augment it with some numbers if the name by itself isn’t available. The update is already available, so if you have an Xbox One you should be able to download and install it now.

This new console update follows Microsoft’s addition of over 50 new titles to its xCloud Preview.