Google Is Testing Stadia Communication Updates Via Reddit


One common complaint about Stadia since launch has been the way Google handles communication, but it's now going to be testing communication updates via Reddit.

Over on the r/Stadia subreddit, u/ChrisFromGoogle has tossed up a post about the new method of relaying information. In the post, he notes that today, tomorrow, and Wednesday the subreddit will be the home for new details about the platform.

Specifically about codes that are to be sent out to Premier Bundle buyers. Chris notes that either him or Grace will be be the ones delivering information. And, users should look out for those details all the way through mid-week.


Google will timestamp the Stadia communication updates

Google is committed to better communication about Stadia issues. One of its first steps will be to timestamp the posts that it makes on Reddit.

Whether posted by Chris or Grace, the posts today through Wednesday will be timestamped. This is so people can see exactly when they were made. In having these timestamps, people can contrast them with the current time.

For example, the first post made today was timestamped at 9:30 AM PST. Users who pop in throughout the day can now look at the current time and see how long it's been since the post was made.


Each day will have a new stickied thread

Each day will have its own thread with these updates. Google will sticky the post so it's towards the top, and any new information will be dumped in there.

Separating them by day means users will be able to locate the latest information more easily. Something which consumers could have benefited from last week during those first few days where codes were late.

Last week aside, Google seems to be learning from the hiccups. Users in the community will no doubt find this new method of communication about Stadia to be a much better method.


Especially since there are still codes going out to Premier Bundle buyers now that Founders codes have been sent out. If things work with this new method, users can likely expect it to continue in the future.

Save for Thursday and Friday this week. As noted by Chris, both those days are national holidays in the US. So Google will be keeping tabs on the subreddit but it won't be posting anything.

With that, users will know that Google isn't just ignoring the community. Rather it's just celebrating the holidays with everyone else.