Google Assistant Can Officially Purchase Your Movie Tickets

Google Assistant AH NS 05

Back in September it was discovered that Google was testing the ability to have Assistant purchase movie tickets. Now the company has officially rolled out the capability.

Using Google Assistant through Chrome, you can ask Google to pick you up a few passes to your next flick. It’ll also work with multiple ticket sites. Including Fandango, MovieTickets.com, AMC, and MJR Theaters.

So far it looks like users in the US and the UK will have access. And, the few mentioned services above are just a handful of the options where Assistant can complete the purchase from.


Google Assistant can purchase movie tickets from over 70 cinemas & services

In all there are more than 70 different cinemas and ticketing services across the country this will work with. The few listed above are just some of the examples.

When you ask Google to buy tickets, not all options that pop up will be available to use through the tool. For example, Atom Tickets might show up with a service where tickets can be purchased. it may not however allow Google Assistant to finish the purchase for you.

In which case you’d have to complete the purchase on your own. It’s easy to tell which services will work though, as a Google Assistant button that says “buy tickets” will be next to the compatible services.


Which services work likely also depends on your area. So you may have less cinemas or services that Google can buy from compared to other users. For instance, Assistant may be able to purchase for you from Fandango but not Atom Tickets. Or it could be the other way around.

Google Assistant won’t handle every step

While the Assistant will be able to take care of most of the transaction it won’t handle everything. You will still have to interact with the phone screen from time to time.

Options such as choosing which theater to see the movie at have to be selected by the user. So if you ask Google to bring up showtimes for a specific film, it’ll pull them up for all the theaters nearby. It won’t ask you what time or which location you want though.


You’ll have to pick that yourself, and after tapping on one it’ll pull up the services where you can buy tickets, and whether it handle the purchase. You’ll also have to pick which seats you want as this part isn’t automated either.

Once you tap the seat you want though, it will take back over and select those for your tickets. You just have to initiate which ones to buy

In addition to movie tickets, Google is working on having Assistant be able to handle your car rentals.