Galaxy S11 Series Screen Sizes Revealed; Coming In February


The Samsung Galaxy S11 series will launch in February, it seems, and their screen sizes have just been revealed. This information has been revealed by a well-known tipster, Evan Blass.

Mr. Blass shared a new tweet in which he not only revealed screen sizes of the Galaxy S11 series, but some additional info as well. Let's talk about those screen sizes first, though.

The Galaxy S11 series will come in three (screen) sizes

According to this info, the Galaxy S11 will come in three sizes. The smallest Galaxy S11 handset will feature a 6.4-inch display, while the middle-of-the-road variant will include a 6.7-inch one. The largest Galaxy S11 unit will ship with a 6.9-inch display.


Those three phones are probably the Galaxy S11e, S11, and S11+, though nothing has been confirmed just yet. Mr. Blass did not mention any of those devices by name. That is the naming scheme that Samsung had used with the Galaxy S10, though.

Evan Blass did tweet a response to his tweet, saying that the 6.4-inch display on the smallest Galaxy S11 is not a given. He says that he has conflicting info regarding that. One source is claiming that it will have a 6.2-inch panel, while the other one says 6.4-inch one.

Truth be said, a 6.4-inch display on the Galaxy S11e seems a bit large. The Galaxy S10e included a 5.8-inch panel, with thin bezels, and is still amongst the best compact devices out there.


It would be odd to see Samsung include a 6.4-inch display on this phone. The Galaxy S11e will have a curved display it seems, unlike the Galaxy S10, but still, this display size will make it larger than many people would want it to be.

All five variants will include curved displays

Mr. Blass revealed that all Galaxy S11 variants will have curved displays. He also said that we'll get 5 variants overall. All three variants will come in 4G LTE models, while the smallest two will also ship in 5G iterations.

Evan Blass confirmed that the Galaxy S11 series will launch in mid-to-late February. This is actually an expected timeframe for the Galaxy S11 to arrive. It will launch before the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, probably. That is unless Samsung opts to announce its new flagships during the tradeshow.


Samsung had recently trademarked the 'Space Zoom' feature, which will probably be included on the Galaxy S11. This is a camera-related feature, and it probably has to do with the periscope-style camera that is expected to come on the Galaxy S11.

The Galaxy S11 is actually expected to include 5x optical zoom, while 10x hybrid zoom will probably be a part of the package as well. A recent report suggested that the Galaxy S11 series will also have larger batteries than the Galaxy S10 series. This is not surprising considering display sizes on these phones will be larger.

All Galaxy S11 handsets will be made out of metal and glass, almost certainly. All devices will include plenty of RAM, Android 10, and be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 9830.