Galaxy S11 May Utilize A "New 108-Megapixel Camera Sensor"

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According to a new report, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 may utilize a 108-megapixel camera sensor. That being said, it may not be the one Samsung introduced back in August.

As a reminder, Samsung announced the ISOCELL Bright HMX 108-megapixel sensor on August 12. That camera sensor is regarded to be a mid-range sensor, despite the fact it’s extremely capable.

Samsung may be preparing a new 108-megapixel sensor for the Galaxy S11

Well, if Ice Universe is to be believed, Samsung may include a 108-megapixel sensor in the Galaxy S11, but not the Bright HMX. In its tweet, Ice Universe said that the Galaxy S11 “has a high probability of using a new 108MP sensor”.


The emphasis here is on the word “new”. The source did not really share any additional info, but the Bright HMX was announced in August, so he probably wouldn’t refer to it as “new”. This suggests that a new 108-megapixel sensor may be on the way, or a new iteration of the existing one.

If the Galaxy S11 ends up sporting a 108-megapixel sensor, that would be a huge jump compared to the Galaxy S10. It would be a huge jump in terms of megapixels, at least. The Galaxy S10 features a 12-megapixel main sensor, so… you get what we mean.

More megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better image quality, as many manufacturers proved thus far. The Pixel 4 is the best example, actually, as it includes a 12.2-megapixel sensor yet again… and is regarded to be at the very top of the food chain.

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The ISOCELL Bright HMX has been co-developed with Xiaomi

The Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor has been co-developed with Xiaomi. That may be yet another indicator that Samsung won’t use it in the Galaxy S11.

The ISOCELL Bright HMX utilizes pixel binning in order to create 27-megapixel images. To be perfectly clear, it uses 4-in-1 pixel binning, to retain detail, and process images to the best of its ability.

This sensor can create some really great shots, so all Samsung will do is tweak it a bit, probably. The company could make changes in the processing, matrix, or perhaps include a completely different lens on top of it in order to bring it to a whole new level.


We’re only guessing here, of course, as it’s not likely that Samsung will use the existing sensor in the Galaxy S11.

There’s still plenty of time for Samsung to announce a new camera sensor, or a new iteration of the existing one. The Galaxy S11 series is expected to arrive in Q2 2020. Chances are that all Galaxy S11 iterations will include the same main camera.

The Galaxy S11 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 9830 (Exynos 990), and ship with Android 10 and One UI 2. All Galaxy S11 devices will include plenty of RAM, and probably be made out of metal and glass. You can also expect really thin bezels, and a small display camera hole. This is based on rumors / leaks that we’ve seen thus far.