Galaxy S11 Info Leaks: Exynos 990, 10x Lossless Zoom, 8K Recording & More


Earlier today, the Samsung Galaxy S11 leaked. The phone appeared in a number of renders, showing its design from all angles. Having said that, yet another batch of Galaxy S11 info just surfaced, and this is quite interesting.

This time around, we're looking at the Galaxy S11 series info (mostly the S11 and S11+, though), not just info about the S11 variant. Before we begin, it is worth noting that this information comes from a rather unknown website, so take it with a grain of salt.

We were contacted earlier today by Nick Ekonomou, who shared aforementioned Galaxy S11 information. Mr. Ekonomou is the owner of the website who shared this information, and has been the Chief Editor of the T3 magazine in Greece for a decade.


Truth be said, if this information came from a completely unknown source, we'd probably skip it. This way, there's a chance it's accurate, but take it with a grain of salt still.

This Galaxy S11 series info was allegedly shared during a low-key meeting

Ekonomou claims that he had the opportunity to check out the Galaxy S11 series during a closed meeting. Information that he shared in an article is what he saw at that meeting, he claims.

He says that Samsung will release three Galaxy S11 variants, similar to what it did this year. The Galaxy S11e, S11, and S11+ will be announced. Ekonomou says that those names are now confirmed, based on the info he got.


The Galaxy S11 & S11+ will include 120Hz displays

Let's start with the displays. The source claims that the Galaxy S11 and S11+ will both utilize 120Hz displays. He even suggests that the Galaxy S11+ will have thinner bezels than the S11, so they won't be the same in terms of the design.

He also notes that you'll be able to let the phone automatically set the refresh rate, or lock it at a specific refresh rate. Doing that will, of course, have an impact on your battery. He also notes that both phones will include a centered display camera hole, just like the Galaxy Note 10 series.

Exynos 990 will fuel the devices, while 25W fast charging will be included

The source claims that all Galaxy S11 will be fueled by the Exynos 990, at least in Europe. The Exynos 990 is the company's newest flagship processor. 5G will also be a part of the package, he notes, and 25W charging will be included (charger as well).


Do note that Samsung is rumored to release both 4G and 5G variants of the Galaxy S11, at least most of them. Ekonomou notes that the Galaxy S11 will include both an eSIM, and a regular SIM.

Four cameras will be included and provide 10x lossless zoom, in addition to 100x hybrid zoom

Some camera-related information also got shared by the source. Ekonomou says that he can confirm that the Galaxy S11 and S11+ will include four cameras on the back. He confirms that a 108-megapixel camera will be included, and a 48-megapixel telephoto unit.

On top of that, Ekonomou says that the Galaxy S11 and S11+ cameras will be capable of 10x lossless zoom, and 100x hybrid zoom. That's not all, 8K video recording at 30fps will also be included in the package. It seems like Samsung is getting ready to up the ante in the camera department.