Fossil Launches Hybrid Smartwatch With Over 2-Week Battery Life


Fossil has just announced a new hybrid smartwatch called the Hybrid HR, and it comes with a battery life that can last beyond two weeks.

That's much more than the battery life of a traditional smartwatch. Certainly much more than what you will get with Fossil's non-hybrid smartwatches.

For those needing or wanting a smartwatch that lasts longer between charges, you now have a new option. Fossil is launching this new watch today and it's already available through the Fossil website.


The battery life is not really the only focus though. The addition of the heart rate tracker which is new to Fossil's Hybrid line of Smartwatches is another big feature.

The Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch starts at $195

As smartwatches go the Hybrid HR isn't too expensive. That also boils down to the lack of the more complex operating system, lack of apps, and unnecessary hardware.

More specifically unnecessary for a hybrid watch of this nature. Not unnecessary for complete smartwatches. Because this isn't a fully-fledged smartwatch it doesn't just have great battery life. It also starts at $195 and that should make it enticing to anyone looking to save a little money.


Many smartwatches will retail for upwards of $300, so $195 is surely nothing to shake a stick at. There are fully-fledged smartwatches with comparable price points. But, then you're still left with a watch that will need to be charged at least every two to three days.

The Hybrid HR comes in at an affordable price, has at least a 2-week battery life, and has some useful smart features.

Naturally, there are multiple colorways

Fossil has been making watches for years, along with tons of other apparel. Most of the company's products come in numerous colors. The same goes for the Hybrid HR as it comes in five different colorways.


One thing to note is that some of these different colors change the cost of the watch. Not by much though. The most expensive model is $215. The watch also comes in two different styles – the Charter and Collider.

Both have a 27mm active display area, are 11mm thick, and have a 42mm case size. Both do have distinct designs though. For one the Charter case comes in a sort of Rose Gold color and it has slimmer bands. While the Collider looks to be available in both Black and Gunemetal.

As for features, the Hybrid HR has things like custom goal tracking, message and call notifications, workout modes, music control, weather and more. It's even water resistant at 3ATM, so you can wear it in the rain and not worry about damage.