Can't Download Disney+ On NVIDIA SHIELD TV Devices? Here's Why


Having issues downloading Disney+ on your new SHIELD TV device?

Disney+ is now available to download and generally speaking, comes with broad Android TV support.

That Android TV support naturally includes all SHIELD TV devices, including the all-new SHIELD TV and the SHIELD TV Pro.


However, if you have had issues with downloading the Disney+ app on either of the new devices, there are a few things it could be.

NVIDIA recently posted on the GeFore forums explaining these issues.

Common issues downloading Disney+ on SHIELD TV


If you have rooted your SHIELD TV then it seems likely you won't be able to download the Disney+ app.


NVIDIA says it is working on a fix for this.

SHIELD TV with hotfix

NVIDIA sometimes releases hotfixes (like this one) for those who want to fix certain issues before another product-wide update is released. If you have taken NVIDIA up on a hotfix offer, then it is possible you won't be able to download the Disney+ app.

NVIDIA also says it is working on a fix for this.


SHIELD TV and Google Play Services beta

If you own a SHIELD TV and are also signed up to the Google Play Services beta, then you may encounter an issue when trying to download the Disney+ app on SHIELD TV.

One option that might fix this issue is to simply remove your account from the beta. To do this, click here and as long as you are signed in (and up to the beta) you'll see the option to "Leave the program" – as shown below.

Google Play Services leave beta
Leaving the Google Play Services beta

After clicking leave and removing your account from the Google Play Services beta, you will likely need to clear the data and cache for the Google Play Services app on the Android TV device.


To do this, head to settings, then to apps. Once here, you'll first have to scroll down and tap on "See all apps" and then scroll down and tap on "Show system apps."

Disney app SHIELD TV 04
Show system apps is right at the bottom

From the System apps page you can scroll down and select Google Play Services.

Once on the Google Play Services page you'll need to click on both the "Clear data" and "Clear" cache" options.

Disney app SHIELD TV 03
Google Play Services on SHIELD TV

After resetting and clearing Google Play Services you can try to download the Disney+ app once again.

Issues after downloading Disney+

Even if you can download the Disney+ app on any of the newer SHIELD TV devices, then you may still encounter some issues.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is one of the major selling points for the two new SHIELD TV devices. However, it doesn't currently work with Disney+ on the all-new SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro.


NVIDIA says it is working on it and it will soon.

Casting Disney+ to a new SHIELD TV device.

NVIDIA says you can only currently cast Disney+ in HD to a SHIELD TV device.

NVIDIA did not mention whether this will change anytime soon.

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