Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming In Two Colors, Tipster Claims


The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's very first foldable smartphone, and it managed to reach the market after some initial hardware-related issues. Well, it seems like Samsung is planning to release a cheaper variant of the Galaxy Fold soon, according to a tipster.

Ishan Agarwal, a well-known tipster, shared this info via Twitter. He says that the model number of this phone is 'SM-F700', and that this is a 4G variant only. The does not that this is "another Samsung Galaxy Fold series phone".

Cheaper Galaxy Fold coming in two color options

The source claims that the device will arrive in Black and Purple colors, and include 256GB of storage. He also noted that it will be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, and arrive in a number of countries.


Mr. Agarwal suggests that this new phone will arrive to India, the US, Korea, China, and the EU region. So it will be widely-available. This could be an 'e' variant of the Galaxy Fold, like the Galaxy S10e is to the Galaxy S10. It sure sounds like it will be.

The source did not share more info, but this phone seems to be different from the vertically-folding one Samsung teased. The vertically-folding device will probably become the Galaxy Fold 2, and arrive in the first quarter next year.

We're not sure when will this cheaper Galaxy Fold iteration arrive, though. It will probably launch before the Galaxy Fold 2, so it may arrive before the end of this year.


This handset will probably include a similar design to the Galaxy Fold, if not be completely identical in that regard. It will include inferior specifications, though, that's for sure.

In order to bring its price down, Samsung will have to cut some corners. If we had to guess, we'd say that it will come with a lower-res display, less RAM perhaps, and maybe even a different camera setup on the back.

It will probably include the same processor as its sibling

It may retain the same processor as the original Galaxy Fold, though. Once again, we're only guessing, it remains to be seen what will Samsung do with this one.


The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced back in February, along with the Galaxy S10 series. That device managed to become Samsung's first-ever foldable smartphone.

It was supposed to become available earlier this year, but some display-related issues were uncovered. Samsung had to postpone the launch of the device several times, until it finally released a revamped version not long ago.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is an immensely expensive smartphone. It costs almost $2,000, and this cheaper variant is expected to cost considerably less. We're guessing that Samsung will be aiming to compete with the Motorola Razr at about $1,500.