You Can Get The Skullcandy HESH 3 Wireless Headphones For Half Off


In Best Buy's early Black Friday sale, you can get the Skullcandy HESH 3 wireless headphones for 50-percent off of their regular price.

That brings them down to just $49.99.

These are a really great pair of wireless headphones at $100, now with them below $50, this is a pair that you can't afford to miss out on.


The Skullcandy HESH 3 are a pretty understated pair of headphones, in terms of looks. These are not flashy, and come in a matte black color (also available in a matte gray and red color). They also have some pretty thick ear cups, which makes them feel really comfortable on your head.

Skullcandy has some pretty large drivers, about 40mm, in each ear. That's going to give you a ton of sound out of each ear cup. Making it really great for those that love to blast their music. The bass is pretty decent, it's not booming like a pair of Sony headphones might be. But it's good. There is also some really crisp mids and highs that will be great for audiophiles.

On the Skullcandy HESH 3 there is a built-in microphone, allowing you to take phone calls on the headphones, without needing to take them off and turn off Bluetooth to take a call. That's a pretty useful feature, to be honest.


When it comes to battery life, we're looking at around 22 hours on a single charge. Now that is less than the Sony WH-1000XM3 that we wrote about earlier. But given the price and size of these, 22 hours is still quite decent.

And Skullcandy has a nice fast charging feature. Where you can plug these in for about 10 minutes and get around four hours of playback. Makes it a great way to quickly charge them before the gym, so you can still listen to your tunes while you work out.

Finally, there is no active noise cancellation on the Skullcandy HESH 3, but instead, you get noise isolation. Basically, what this means is that you're not going to get a lot of sound into your ears, outside of your headphones. Because the HESH 3 are going to cover up your entire ear. It's not quite noise cancellation, but works almost in the same way.


You can pick up the Skullcandy HESH 3 wireless headphones from Best Buy right now by clicking here. You'd better hurry though, as it's unclear how long Best Buy will offer the Skullcandy HESH 3 headphones in this sale.

Skullcandy HESH 3 - Best Buy - $49