Best Robot Vacuums And Mops: Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – 2020

Roborock E25

Looking for a great robot vacuum or robot mop this Holiday season? Our gift guide will show you the best robot vacuum gifts and robot mop gifts on the market.

Vacuuming sucks. It’s a well-known truth, yet all of us have to do it on a regular basis.

So why not have a robot do it for you? For decades, humans have dreamed of having household robots that perform all the chores we’d rather not do. That vision is now a reality with the advent of good, quality robot vacuums and mops, and we want to show you which ones are the best.


As a note, I’ve personally used every single one of the robots listed in this guide and can attest to their quality. We have reviews on Android Headlines for all of them and encourage you to read more if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details of each product.

To simplify the buying process this year we’ve broken down our gift guide by type of product. Below you’ll find the best robot vacuum gifts and robot mop gifts available.

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Table of Contents

Best Robot Vacuums

Best Robot Mops

Best all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrids


Best robot vacuums

Robot vacuums have been fairly commonplace for over a decade now, but the last two years have produced some truly remarkable robots.

Each of these robots has a specialty, from navigating multiple floors of your home to lasting several hours on a single charge, picking up pet hair without worry, or even emptying themselves them their bins get full. All you need to do is decide which of these factors is most important to you.

This particular group is dedicated to robot vacuums that just vacuum; no mopping or hybrid functionality of any kind here.

Roborock S4$399Amazon
iRobot Roomba s9+$1,299Amazon
iRobot Roomba 960$550Amazon
Neato Botvac D7$679Amazon

Best overall value robot vacuum: Roborock S4

Roborock S4 Editor's Pick

Roborock makes robot vacuums that are hard to beat. Most of the company’s robot vacuums are the hybrid type, but Roborock’s latest is designed to offer the suction, power, and navigational abilities of its more expensive models but cuts out the mop for people that don’t want or need such a thing, shaving at least $100 off the price when compared to the Roborock S5.

The Roborock S4 features Robock’s impeccably accurate laser-guided navigation which maps out your home and saves a floorplan in the Roborock app. From here, you can divide each room in the house and schedule cleanings for these rooms, including the ability to make up to 3 passes per room for an extra-deep clean.


Roborock’s vacuums tend to be more gentle than their competitors, too, because of the advanced navigational abilities from the company. It’s also a super quiet vacuum that won’t disturb the peace of an evening while it’s cleaning.

Despite that, it’s able to clean up even the dirtiest of messes with its powerful motor, rated at 2000pa of suction power. It can even run up to 2.5 hours on a single charge, and with the efficient and accurate navigation on board, you can rest assured that it won’t get lost or stuck, and it won’t miss even the smallest of nooks and crannies in your home. At $399, the Roborock S4 is practically a steal.

Roborock S4 - $399 - Amazon


Best robot vacuum for pet owners: iRobot Roomba s9+

iRobot Roomba s9+

iRobot makes the most well-known, reliable vacuums on the market. There’s a reason the Roomba name is as commonly known as Oreos or Ziplock Bags.

With that well-known name comes a warranty that’s among the best you’ll find anywhere, and a reliability factor that’s second to none. Some robot vacuums will begin to fail after a year or two of heavy usage, but Roombas keep on trucking, even in homes with lots of pets.


It’s that last part that makes the latest batch of premium-grade Roombas the best choice for homes with pets. The Roomba s9+, in particular, is a hair-hunting beast that will pick up every spec of hair as it methodically tracks through your home, and it will never get full too, as it can empty itself along the way.

Yes, that’s right; the iRobot Roomba s9+ will not stop vacuuming when its dustbin gets filled up with pet hair. Instead, it’ll make its way back to the specialized charging base, which will then empty the vacuum’s dustbin into a larger bag, and the vacuum will continue where it left off in your home.

Aside from having a bottomless dustbin, it’s also got a powerful HEPA filter that’s rated at keeping over 99% of allergens out of the air in your home, ditching all that pet dander inside the bin and bag along the way.

If you like the idea of a self-cleaning vacuum and want to save a bit of cash, our runner-up is the Roomba i7+.

iRobot Roomba s9+ - $1299 - Amazon

iRobot Roomba i7+ - $999 - Amazon

Best robot vacuum that you can control with your voice: iRobot Roomba 960

irobot roomba 960 AH NS 25 carpet

iRobot makes some excellent robots that are dedicated to a single task, but that doesn’t mean they can’t talk to other robots in your home. iRobot’s integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa make it one of the best ways to automate your home, or to just ask your favorite virtual assistant to vacuum for you.

Imagine leaving for work in the morning and, instead of fumbling around on your phone to open the app and choose a cleaning mode, you just ask Google or Alexa to vacuum your home?

It’s a 3-second task that takes hours of work out of your week, and that’s some serious peace of mind to gain from such a relatively small investment.

iRobot Roomba 960 - $550 - Amazon

Best affordable robot vacuum: ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S


The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S is the only “bump-and-go” style robot vacuum we’re recommending this year, and that’s because of the sheer value this vacuum offers.

While it doesn’t feature the advanced navigation that every other robot vacuum on this list has, it’s still able to find its way back to the charger and recharge when it’s finished cleaning. The navigational limitations here mean that this is best for small homes or apartments, as it will have a harder time reaching rooms that are far away in larger homes.

Aside from the price, which is significantly less than everything else on today’s list, this robot vacuum has dual side brushes for grabbing errant debris around the home. It’s also got a powerful motor that can suck up 2x the amount that the original N79 could, making it better for pet owners than the original.

The vacuum can run for nearly 2 full hours on a single charge, and it’s even got great integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it with your voice or build it into your smart home routines.

If you just need an inexpensive robot vacuum to clean up small spaces (800sq ft or less), this is a great choice.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S - $189 - Amazon

Best robot vacuum for large homes: Neato Botvac D7

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

So you’ve got a two or three-story home and don’t really want to buy a robot vacuum for each floor, but you also don’t want to lose all of those awesome mapping features that modern robot vacuums bring?

No problem. Neato’s got your back with the Botvac D7 Connected, a D-shaped robot vacuum that’s tough on dirt and can handle multiple floors with ease. That D-shape is uniquely designed to handle junk that builds up into the corners of your home, naturally fitting in a square corner better than a round vacuum can.

The Neato Botvac D7 is able to run up to 2-hours on a single charge and even has an awesome smart charge and resume technology that will calculate the time needed to finish the home and only charge up to what is needed to complete the job. That shaves precious time off the cleaning cycle and ensures your large home gets cleaned faster.

But you probably came wondering, specifically, about how it handles multiple floors? Neato is the company that popularized laser-guided navigation on a robot vacuum, and it’s using this expertise to familiarize itself with each and every floor of your home by creating a unique floorplan inside the app that can be saved for later reference.

You can either setup a secondary (or tertiary) charging station for the vacuum so that charge and resume can take place on larger floors, or just bring the vacuum to the next floor and hit go. Neato’s software takes care of all the rest, including zone cleaning, per-room cleaning, and no-go zones for areas with cords or other hazards.

Neato Botvac D7 - $679 - Amazon

Best robot mops

Dedicated robot mops aren’t nearly as popular as robot vacuums, and it’s pretty obvious that iRobot has this market largely cornered.

A robot mop is best when paired with a robot vacuum. In the case of these two, pairing an iRobot Braava mop with an iRobot Roomba unlocks linked cleaning features so you can set both vacuums to clean once and not have to worry about it again.

But even if you don’t own a robot vacuum from iRobot (or just want to pick up one that’s less expensive), grabbing one of these great robot mops will enhance your home cleaning experience by further cleaning those hard floors with very little effort.

iRobot Braava jet 240From $179Amazon
iRobot Braava jet m6From $449Amazon

Best robot mop for small spaces: iRobot Braava jet 240

irobot braava jet 240 EP

It’s been a few years since the iRobot Braava jet 240 debuted, but it’s even better than before thanks to some excellent software updates from iRobot.

The Braava jet 240 is easily the consumer favorite when it comes to robot mops, and that’s because it’s just such a simple product: fill the tank with hot water, pop in a cleaning pad, place it on the floor, and hit go.

There’s nothing more to the operation, but that’s also what makes it a bit limiting and why it’s best for small spaces. The Braava jet 240 can be used in wet or dry mode, so you can think of it as a full Swiffer replacement.

While there are no cameras or fancy lasers here, but Braava jet 240 still moves in a slow, methodical fashion, making “z-pattern” shapes through a room in rows until it’s sure everything has been cleaned. The rechargeable battery can be easily swapped out, making this great for cleaning several small rooms at once by swapping out the battery and pad, and filling the bin up before continuing.

Because the pads are made with actual cleaning solution, be rest assured that the wet pads will sanitize your floor and not just spread the junk around on a wet pad.

There’s also a reusable dry and wet pad available, which is both eco-friendly and a much cheaper solution in the long term. The Braava jet 240 even vibrates the pad as it goes, helping to loosen tough bits caked on the floor, and the amount of liquid sprayed out of the front can be controlled via the app.

iRobot Braava jet 240 - From $179 - Amazon

Best robot mop for large homes: iRobot Braava jet m6

Braava jet m6 AH NS 06

iRobot just launched the Braava jet m6 in Summer 2019, and while the product clearly went out a little too early for its own good, several software updates since release have all but fixed the issues us and many other consumes had with this fully-automated robot mop.

You see, unlike the considerably cheaper and older Braava jet 240, the Braava jet m6 works exactly like a premium-grade robot vacuum from iRobot. It’s equipped with a camera up top and a WiFi radio inside, and will map your home as it cleans.

This enables per-room cleaning, once a floorplan has been established, and makes this a truly fantastic investment for larger homes with lots of adjacent hard floors. As there’s no way for the Braava jet m6 to traverse carpet, you’ll find homes with lots of carpet might want to stick to the smaller Braava jet 240 to get the job done in the scant areas where hard floors might exist.

The Braava jet m6 improves upon its predecessor by accepting cleaning solution right inside its large, removable tank, meaning it’ll spray that cleaning solution right onto your floor for your reusable pads to mop up. Since it can also be used in dry mopping mode, this robot mop is equipped for all sorts of messes that might happen on your floors, or just for daily cleaning for a less stressful home environment.

iRobot Braava jet m6 - From $449 - Amazon

Best all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrids

Sometimes you don’t want to make room for two dedicated robots and just want one that can get the entire job done. That’s why all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrids exist.

These robot vacuums look similar to other robot vacuums on the market, but come complete with a handy mopping attachment that resides on the back of the vacuum. This design ensures that the house gets vacuumed first and is immediately followed with a wet mopping of hard floors to ensure the deepest clean, all without having to wait for the second robot to get the job done.

Roborock S6From $649Amazon
Roborock E25From $299Amazon

Best overall value all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrid: Roborock S6

Roborock s6 EP

Roborock makes some seriously phenomenal vacuums and, if we had to choose one vacuum to recommend on this list, would choose the Roborock S6 for its all-around excellence.

At $649, it’s neither the most expensive nor the most affordable vacuum on the list, but its capabilities and general reliability make it the best value robot vacuum on the market, not just in this particular category.

We’ve already talked about how good Roborock’s laser-guided navigation and real-time mapping are, but the Roborock S6 debuted an even more efficient, organic cleaning pattern that’s not only faster than most other robot vacuums, but it’s also somehow more thorough, as well.

Roborock’s navigation isn’t just accurate and thorough though, it’s dead-on reliable every single time. These vacuums don’t get lost, they don’t get confused, and they can see around if it’s light or dark in a room.

The Roborock S6 features powerful suction, just like the Roborock S4 and S5, but can also get even quieter than those vacuums when needed. At 56dB in balanced mode, this is one of the absolute quietest robot vacuums on the market, and quiet mode is even less noisy than that, making it easy to use while watching TV, talking on the phone, or even when the kids are sleeping.

Maintenance is easy, too, as the main brush underneath can be easily removed and taken apart to rid it of those annoying hairs that always find a way to wrap around the ends. Even the side-brush is uniquely crafted to be better than the competition, with a durable silicone design that’s gentle, yet effective, and features a dynamic speed to better clean certain parts of your home.

But this wouldn’t be a hybrid without the mop attachment, and that’s another area where the Roborock S6 shines. Featuring two water flow rate settings on the water container, the Roborock S6 can clean different flooring types with ease.

The reusable pad works perfectly for several types of hard floors, and no matter if you’re trying to clean the mud from the entryway or just clean off the grease on the kitchen floor, the Roborock S6 excels at every task it performs.

Roborock S6 - $649 - Amazon

Best affordable all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrid: Roborock E25

Roborock E25

At $350 less than the Roborock S6, you might be wondering what the Roborock E25 sacrifices to be such an affordable robot vacuum and mop hybrid. The best answer is in the navigation, which features an “electric eye” rather than laser-guided navigation but, in some homes, you may not find this to be too big a deal.

Smaller homes, like apartments or condos, might find this to be a great choice, as the Roborock E25 can still map out homes and save the floorplan for later use, dividing it into zones and allowing cleaning of specific areas after a full cleaning run.

It, too, comes with a mop attachment that snaps onto the back and makes it easy to wet-mop your home as it vacuums. It’s a great alternative to Roborock’s other fantastic vacuums, as it costs significantly less but doesn’t sacrifice a lot of what makes Roborock such a great robot vacuum manufacturer: navigation and intelligence.

Roborock E25 - $299 - Amazon

Best all-in-one robot vacuum and mop hybrid for large homes: ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950


The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950 is the robot vacuum hybrid that can do it all, and the price certainly reflects that. At $150 more than the Roborock S6, you might be wondering that it can do better than Roborock’s best and if it’s worth the money.

If you’ve got a home with multiple floors that both need to be mopped and vacuumed, there’s a likelihood that this might be a better robot vacuum and mop hybrid for you.

Featuring multi-floor support with the ability to save several different floorplans, ECOVACS has created the DEEBOT OZMO 950 for cleaning your entire house, not just a single level, all without losing the advanced features that come with a modern robot vacuum,

Even while mopping, you can adjust the water flow rate from within the app and customize it for different sections of your home, helping to keep the wood from getting too wet while also making sure the bathroom tile receives plenty of liquid for better cleaning.

Lastly is the extra suction power provided by MAX+ mode, which better pulls particles and dirt from those wide gaps that can happen in hardwood floors or in the grout between tile. That extra suction can be invaluable if you have pets or kids that regularly track dirt in the home and, as is the nature with dirt, always seems to find itself in the hardest-to-clean places.

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950 - $799 - Amazon