Best Internet Providers 2020 – Exclusive Guide to ISP's


Internet being a technology is fast becoming a basic need. It is now being considered as one of the basic human rights as well. This is how important it has become in our lives. Imagining a day without it is a nightmare and spending a few hours without it sounds stressful. It is more than a means of communication. It helps us learn, submit assignments and complete our daily tasks. Life without is like a life without the sun, just impossible.

With such dependency. It is important that you are connected 24/7 and it all starts with the right internet provider. Choosing the right internet service provider gets you connectivity for years to come. Get this decision wrong and you are stuck with a connection that works less and lags more. Then when you think of getting rid of it, you are faced with hurdles like early termination fees and the process of finding the best provider in your area. Just know that the solution starts with choosing the right connection type.

Connection types

The type of connection you choose will greatly affect the quality, speed, and performance of your internet connection. The connection type should be chosen based on the area you live in and the type of requirement you have. Here's a brief description of a few connection types available in the market:


Cable internet

A cable provider gets you an internet connection through coaxial cable. This cable then connects to a modem which can them be connected to further devices based on how you want to establish the connection.

A service provider will use the same cable to give connections throughout the neighbourhood. This shared line means that you share the speed as well. This is the reason why you may face slower speeds during peak hours.

Satellite internet

Satellite internet uses a dish receiver on your rooftop to connect with a satellite in space. This is how the data travels, from your device to the modem which passes it on to the dish receiver at the rooftop. It is then transmitted through waves and a satellite receives them in the space which then sends it back to the earth. The signals from the satellite are received at your provider's hub.


This is a long journey which results in high latency and slower speeds. This type of connection is suitable for users living in rural areas where other options are generally not available.

DSL internet

DSL or digital subscriber line is a connection established through telephone wires. Unlike the dial-up connection in the past, a DSL connection allows you to use both the internet and phone at the same time. The speeds too are significantly faster.

This connection type is still popular as it is relatively less expensive, sufficiently fast and widely available.


Fiber-Optic internet

This is the latest addition to internet connection types. It is new, modern, fresh and lightning-fast. Fiber-optic wires are made of flexible plastic or glass material which makes it aesthetically astonishing as well as dependable. DSL and cable internet carry analog signals which are not how the majority of devices communicate. The digital signals are first converted to analog signals and then transmitted through the wires. Fiber-optic cuts this hassle, save time and carry digital signals throughout the system. When this conversion process it cut, it naturally results in faster speeds and decreased latency.

As awesome as it may sounds, fiber-optic is not widely available. But the areas with fiber-optic coverage do enjoy amazing speeds, great stability, and better services than the other connection types.


Spectrum is one of the best internet providers out there. It carries a combined force of Bright House Network, Time Warner cable, and charter communications. Three big names all combining the umbrella of Spectrum. A unique unison that offers amazing services.


Spectrum internet is not only widely available but also offers a variety of options. You could be a casual surfer, an avid gamer or someone who has to download heavy files. There is something for everyone in their stores. Besides, they also offer the following features:

Free Modem

Who doesn't like free stuff? With Spectrum internet you get free DOCSIS 3.0 modem. This saves you from a hefty onetime cost or tiring equipment rentals. Either way, you are bound to save a handsome amount.

No data caps

No data caps unleashes the real freedom of the internet. You can use as much internet as you like and never have to worry about slower speeds, disconnection or any other data related restrictions.


Contract buyout

Stuck in a contract with a provider that you want to get rid of? Spectrum internet offers you the chance to bid them farewell by buying pout your contract!

Contract free subscription

While they help you buy out your contract, they also offer freedom without contracts. Use the services for as long as you like, and then part ways whenever you feel it's necessary.


Mediacom may not be as popular as Spectrum but they certainly are a big player in the internet service provider arena. Whether you love streaming content, scrolling through social media all day or just like to search for stuff on the internet, they have something for everyone. From basic speeds to blazing fast internet, there is a certain package to facilitate the customers. Here's more of what they have to offer:


Wide network coverage

We know the different types of connections out there. Mediacom uses coaxial wires to get you amazing speeds at a nominal cost. Wide coverage means more users which translates into trust in their amazing services.

Free Security Suite

In this age of cyber threats, all you need is a security suite that lets you surf without any trouble. With their Total Defense™ technology, you are always secure online.

90-Day money-back guarantee

Nothing beats the charm of a money-back guarantee. Mediacom offers an assurance with their services for 90 days and in case you don't like the experience, you get your money back, simple as that.



Another big name amongst the internet providers is Cox. Their services have been around for a while and they have continued to strive because of the trust people have in their services. From speeds starting at 10 Mbps, you can go all the way up to Gigabit connections. Something suitable is present for everyone in their offerings. Here is more about Cox internet:

Panoramic Wi-Fi

What saves you from the expensive data plans? Your Wi-Fi. Connect from anywhere in the house and enjoy wireless connectivity supported by attractive packages for limitless downloads.

Hotspot Network

No matter where you are, you can always stay connected to your Cox Wi-Fi. With over 500000 hotspots available around the country, you can enjoy free internet on the go.

Cox Security Suite

Cox security suite keeps you and your household safe over the internet. Cyber-security is of utmost importance and you can rest easy knowing Cox security suite is on the job!


Another one of the big guns in the internet provider's arena is Xfinity. Start from their 15 Mbps packages for basic internet connectivity and subscribing to their amazingly fast speeds for a marvellous experience, Xfinity internet ensures you get what you need. They offer the following features:

Wi-Fi Parental Controls

Take control of what your children experience over the internet. Block any unwanted content and ensure that your children only view what's safe for them.

Internet Hotspots

Xfinity lets you take your Wi-Fi everywhere you go. Thousands of hotspots all around the country let you stay connected throughout the day and ensure that your routine isn't disrupted.

Norton Security Online

Nothing secures your cyberspace like the Norton Security online suite. Norton is one of the pioneers of the anti-virus industry and you can get their security for free with your Xfinity internet offerings!


Not as popular as Spectrum but Frontier internet is certainly worth considering. Their FiOS series gets you the ultimate internet experience. Every connection gets you the basic internet and a little extra while signing up for a contract. Once you've decided to get Frontier inter, the installation is only three steps away.

Free Router

Frontier FiOS packages offer free modems/routers. It gets you great connectivity, smooth internet experience and saves you equipment rentals.

TV Everywhere

FiOS internet gets you more than just the internet. It also entertains with additional features on the go. Signing in with your account details gets you a wide range of TV channels that keep you entertained and informed at the same time.


An internet connection is more than just a means to stay connected. It is a lifeline that helps us throughout the day. Choose the right internet connection to enjoy connectivity with the necessary peace of mind. Every provider in this list offers something unique, so simply visit LocalCableDeals and choose from the best internet providers in your area to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.