AUKEY Announces 'Smarter' Omni-Power Fast-Charging Solution


AUKEY has announced the 'Omni-Power' charging solution. The company describes this as "advanced fast-charging solution for all your devices".

AUKEY Omni-Power consolidates the latest charging technologies

This new charging technology consolidates all the latest charging technologies, says the company. It includes AUKEY's Dynamic Detect, USB Power Delivery, GaN Power Tech, and Graphene Skin.

AUKEY believes that USB-C and PD (Power Delivery) are the future of charging. AUKEY is combining this tech with other advanced charging technologies in order to offer 'Omni-Power'.


The company says that charging speeds are not the only area that can be improved when it comes to fast charging. It says that many wall chargers are too heavy at this point. Well, chargers who use the latest gallium nitride (GaN) tech can be really compact, while keeping the speed.

That is actually why GaN tech has been incorporated in AUKEY's Omni-Power charging tech. AUKEY said that it will keep improving in that regard. This company already offers really compact and not-that-heavy PD chargers, but claims that Omni-Power will make improvements in that area.

This is how Omni-Power will benefit users

AUKEY went ahead to further explain Omni-Power, and how will it benefit users. The company says that this charging will be faster, as it makes full use of USB-C and PD technology.


As an example, it said that it can recharge an iPhone 11 Pro up to 55-percent in just 30 minutes. It can also charge a USB-C laptop at top speed.

Omni-Power chargers will be smaller than what you're getting with your phone. The company is already selling the world's smallest 18W PD charger, and is looking to improve upon that with Omni-Power chargers.

AUKEY also says that chargers equipped with this tech will be 'smarter'. That is because of the Dynamic Detect Technology that AUKEY provides. That tech allows the charger to allocate the total available power efficiently across multiple ports.


The company also claims that Omni-Power chargers will be more energy-efficient. The combination of everything mentioned above is supposed to result in greater charging efficiency.

AUKEY says that Omni-Power will cover a wide range of charging solutions. These charging solutions will include wall chargers, power banks, car chargers, hubs, and even cables.

AUKEY did not say when will these chargers become available, but it did say that they are 'coming soon'. So we'll hopefully see them before the end of the year. That is just a guess on our part, though, but AUKEY will probably release more information soon.


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