Amazon May Release Its Cloud Gaming Service In 2020

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A new report claims that Amazon may be ready to launch its cloud gaming service sooner than you think, and that it may be coming as soon as 2020. More specifically, Amazon is said to be announcing the service in 2020. Which could also point to a launch the same year.

If that’s the case, then it may put Amazon right up against Google as a direct competitor. Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia, launched on November 19. However it’s only for Pro subscribers right now.

In addition to Pro you also need to have either a Founders bundle or Premier bundle. In short, the access pool is fairly limited to what Google is planning for next year. And for good reason, as it’s easier to control the ability to fix anything and assure a smoother experience with less people involved.


The point is that Stadia Base, which launches in 2020, may be a closer comparison for a rival to whatever Amazon has coming than Stadia as it is today.

Amazon is already recruiting people for its cloud gaming initiative

The same report mentions that Amazon is not only planning to announce its entry into cloud gaming, but that it’s already hiring.

It’s said to be recruiting people from various game companies, including Microsoft. All in hopes of ensuring that when it takes off, things will go as smoothly as possible.


Something which Stadia has not exactly had since it went live yesterday.

Amazon also looks to be searching for a Principal Product Leader. Whoever fills this position would be responsible for leading the new game initiative that runs on Amazon Web Services.

Amazon’s cloud gaming service may have an entirely different model than Stadia

Though it’s entirely possible that Amazon may launch a cloud gaming service next year, it may not. Amazon may only have plans to announce it.


Either way, it’s also possible that it may have an entirely different business model than Stadia. With Stadia, you subscribe for $9.99 a month for things 4K and 60fps. You also need to buy the bundle for $130 (for now), and buy any of the games you want to play.

Amazon’s service may be more like PS Now or xCloud, where you pay a monthly fee and play all you want. Or it could be more like GeForce NOW, which simply accesses all of your own games libraries across various stores like Steam and the like.

It’s still too early to tell. Amazon seems to be committed to jumping in this race though. And that will give Stadia one more company to compete with in the cloud gaming space.


Amazon may have some benefits over others too. Rumored Twitch integration. Twitch is owned by Amazon, and it’s currently the number one streaming platform for gamers. Easy integration with its own cloud gaming service could sway people to give it a try who have been on the fence about the tech.