Xiaomi Mi Reader Announced As The Company's First E-Reader


Xiaomi has announced its very own e-reader, it's called Mi Reader. This device has been announced in the company's homeland, and it's meant to become an alternative to Amazon's offerings.

The Xiaomi Mi Reader comes with rather thick bezels, which is not surprising considering this is an e-reader. You need to get a good grip when you're holding it, that's the most important part. Accidental display presses not an option.

The Xiaomi Mi Reader comes with an e-Ink display, and anti-glare finish

The Xiaomi Mi Reader comes with a 6-inch 1024 x 768 e-Ink display, which equals 212 PPI. This device offers a 24-level adjustable front-lit LED reading light. That LED reading light should make content easy and comfortable to read in any lighting condition, basically.


That display also comes with an anti-glare finish, which is quite important for comfortable reading. Glare is something that can get really annoying on smartphones, especially those with curved displays.

This e-reader weighs 178 grams, and it comes with a grippy backplate. It is fueled by the Allwinner B300 quad-core processor, which is clocked at 1.8GHz.

Android 8.1 Oreo comes pre-installed on the device, while Xiaomi also included 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Xiaomi says that the Mi Reader can store around 5,000 e-books.


Baidu cloud is supported on this device, and the same goes for multi-view cloud one-click login and download. The device supports .txt, .epub, .pdf, and Office documents.

Several weeks on a single charge

A 1,800mAh battery is included in this device, and the Mi Reader comes with a Type-C USB port. The company claims that you'll be able to use this device for several weeks before you'll need to charge it.

The device was announced in a single color variant. It comes with a dark gray back, and the white front side.


The Xiaomi Mi Reader is priced at CNY579 ($82) in China. It will become available via Mi Crowdfunding later today, as this is another one of Xiaomi's crowd-funded products.

There's not much competition in the world of e-readers these days. Amazon's Kindle is leading the market in the US, but most people don't really find the need to get an e-reader.

Smartphones are quite large these days, and many of them include reading modes. That is more than good enough for most people. E-Ink displays with special reading features are always a better option, though, which is why Xiaomi opted to announce this product.