Google Offers Stadia Founders Bundle Re-Orders On Cancellations


If your Stadia Founders Bundle was wrongfully cancelled Google is offering re-orders. According to a user on Reddit, Google is sending out emails to those who were affected by the issue.

Not long before launch of the platform on November 19, some users began receiving emails that their pre-orders were cancelled. At first users weren't sure why this was happening. It was later discovered however to have been an issue with payment methods.

The Google Store's system was wrongfully flagging payments for certain customers. Which led to the cancellations. The big issue was that by the time these cancellations popped up, the Founders Bundle was already sold out everywhere. After many complaints on the Stadia subreddit Google began to investigate the problem, and work towards a fix.


Stadia Founders Bundle re-orders must be placed by Dec. 16

Google is on a generous streak with the Stadia platform at the moment. First it confirmed refunds were available for those who purchased the December Pro titles. Now it's allowing re-orders of the sold out Founders Bundle.

You won't have all the time in the world to re-order though. Orders for the bundle must be placed by December 16 of this year. Which gives you about two weeks to grab it.

Anyone that had their pre-order cancelled should be getting an email today. In that email there will be a special link that leads to the ability to re-order the bundle.


You will need to access the bundle order through this link, as the normal bundle on the store has been sold out for a while.

The re-orders are tied exclusively to your Google Store account

Google has stated that the re-orders are tied to your Google Store account. This means that they probably can't be shared. Meaning you can't send someone the link so they can buy it if you no longer want it.

The only way around this, perhaps, is for you to place the orderĀ for someone, as they won't be able to claim the purchase on their own Google Store account.


Google is presumably doing this because of the accounts that the pre-orders were originally attached to. Whatever the case, if you had the bundle pre-order cancelled and still wanted it, you have you opportunity.

This means you'll still get the Night Blue controller, Founders badge, and three months of Pro. However, because many people are already online, chances are good that some people may have missed out on Stadia name opportunities as they may already be taken.