Xiaomi Will Launch Over 10 5G Smartphones In 2020: CEO


Xiaomi is planning to launch quite a few 5G smartphones next year. According to a report from China, Xiaomi’s CEO has confirmed that we can expect over 10 million 5G smartphones from Xiaomi in 2020.

Smartphone OEMs and networks around the world are trying to push 5G technology forward as fast as possible. 5G has arrived, but its deployment is not where it should be, and it will stay that way for a while.

5G rollout will probably be quite slow, as it will take years for it to reach 4G levels in that regard. Still, Xiaomi seems to be committed to offer users a choice when it comes to 5G smartphones.


Xiaomi introduced two 5G smartphones in 2019

Xiaomi had introduced two 5G smartphones in 2019, the Mi MIX 3 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G. So, a jump to over 10 phones in 2020 may seem odd, but it seems like the demand for such phones is quite high. Well, it’s quite high in China, at least.

It seems like over 9.3 million users have signed up for 5G in China before it even officially rolled out. That many people signed up for pre-subscriptions for 5G over at the top three carriers in the country. We’re talking about China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom here.

According to an earlier report, China Mobile secured about 5.6 million 5G pre-subscriptions alone. China Telecom noted around 1.9 million, while around 1.8 million people subscribed over at China Unicom.


Such interest in 5G is quite surprising. One would think that only tech enthusiasts are interested in 5G at this point, but that may not be the case.

Such numbers won’t really surprise you as various market research companies and hardware manufacturers reported that the demand for 5G smartphones will skyrocket in 2020.

The demand for 5G devices could reach 300 million in 2020

Let’s take TSMC as an example. The company said that the demand for 5G devices could reach 300 million in 2020, which is quite high. That number is really high especially if you consider the fact that 5G smartphones account for only 1-percent of the market at the moment.


Strategy Analytics earlier predicted that 5G smartphones will manage to grab 10-percent of the market in 2020, at the very least. So, we’re in for quite a few 5G devices next year, it seems.

As things look at the moment, China could become the largest 5G market in the world, by far. Based on recent reports and numbers, that could easily happen in 2020.

The US sanctions against Huawei are actually limiting the company quite a bit. Huawei will be forced to hit the Chinese market even harder than it usually would. That goes for 5G phones as well. Which is just another indication that China will become a leading country when it comes to 5G adoption.