Xiaomi Mi Watch Will Look Like The Apple Watch: Official Image

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Xiaomi teased the arrival of three new products yesterday. One of those products was the Xiaomi Mi Watch, and now we know exactly what it will look like, as the company’s CEO shared an image of the device.

The official Xiaomi Mi Watch image reveals an Apple Watch-like design

If you take a look at the provided Mi Watch image, you’ll notice that the watch resembles the Apple Watch. The resemblance is uncanny. It’s not exactly a secret that Xiaomi is inspired by Apple, but this may even look too similar to the Apple Watch.

In any case, this smartwatch will become official on November 5. It will be announced alongside the Mi CC9 Pro smartphone, and the Mi TV 5.


The watch will be made out of metal and glass, quite obviously. Just like the apple watch, it has a digital crown on the right. That button / crown will probably act as a power key, as well as a rotation wheel for navigating the watch. Once again, the same as with the Apple Watch.

That button is even placed in the same spot as on the Apple Watch. This smartwatch is expected to ship with Wear OS, at least according to rumors. Mi Watch has been spotted in the code of a recent Wear OS app version. That pretty much confirms it will ship with Wear OS.

It seems like this watch’s display will be covered by curved glass. This watch will be square-shaped, and it seems like a silicone wristband will ship with it by default.


Two different wristband colors are shown here, white and dark gray. We don’t doubt that Xiaomi will offer more choices, though. The same goes for the watch itself, we’re expecting several different color variants to become available.

Qualcomm's processor, NFC, and an eSIM

Xiaomi’s MIJIA Weibo account actually shared some more info regarding this watch. It confirmed that a high-performance SoC will be a part of the package, and based on a provided image, that is Qualcomm’s processor.

On top of that, the watch will be equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and even an eSIM. eSIM is not something that we’d expect Xiaomi to include here, but there you go.


This watch will launch in China first, but it is expected to make its way to other markets. The watch will almost certainly reach both India and Europe, though Xiaomi probably won’t share its detailed global availability info on November.

That is pretty much all the info that we have at the moment. The Mi CC9 Pro smartphone that is expected to launch with this watch will include a 108-megapixel camera on the back. The phone will sport five cameras on the back, and believe it or not, two dual-LED flash setups.

The device will probably be fueled by the Snapdragon 730G, and ship with Android 10. A 32-megapixel camera is expected to be included on the front side of the device. We’ll get far more info on November 5, so stay tuned.

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Xiaomi Mi Watch teaser