What Is Vidgo? The Latest Live TV Streaming Service Explained


What is Vidgo? Vidgo is one of the latest over-the-top live TV streaming services to land in the U.S.

In spite of its low cost, Vidgo is positioned as a live TV streaming service with a focus on sports. For example, the service's main marketing message reads "never miss another match, fight, or game." This sports angle makes the service a little different to the other options operating in the same budget price bracket.

Here we will go over some of the main points you need to know before deciding if Vidgo is the right live TV streaming service for you.


What are the Vidgo plans? How much do they cost?

Vidgo is priced at $14.99 in the U.S. This is for the all-new "National English Package." As the name suggests, this is a Vidgo English channel plan providing access to roughly 50 channels.

However, this is also a Latino streaming service with two plans aimed at Spanish-speaking viewers.

The first Vidgo Latino channels plan is the "Latino Streaming Plan." Priced at $14.99 per month, this plan provides access to more than 15 channels. Then there's the"Latino Mas Streaming Plan." Priced at $24.99 per month, this plan provides access to more than 25 channels.


It's worth noting that although Vidgo has now launched, it has only soft launched. The service is reported to be fully launching next month. At which point the pricing is expected to increase significantly. More information on this is available here.

What channels will I get?

Along with the price increase next month, the channel lineup is also expected to change. In fact, Vidgo is expected to launch two main plans: Core and Premium. Both plans will offer more channels than what's currently available.

If you were to subscribe to the live TV streaming service today, the current National English Streaming Plan claims to offer over 50 channels. However, Vidgo lists slightly less than that on its website.


In total, Vidgo currently lists 49 live TV channels that you can tune in to today. Here's the full list:

A&EDiscovery ChannelLaw & CrimeScience
AHCDiscovery FamilyLifetimeStadium
Animal PlanetDiscovery LifeLifetime MoviesTeennick
beIN SportsfyiMotor TrendTravel Channel
BETGame Show NetworkMTVTVLand
CheddarHallmarkMTV 2Up
Cooking ChannelHallmark DramaMTV ClassicVelocity
Comedy CentralHallmark Movies & MysteriesNickelodeonVH1
CMT MusicHistoryOWN
Curiosity StreamINSPPac-12 Network
Destination AmericaInvestigation DiscoveryParamount Network


What are the best Vidgo features?

Whether it's the best or not, the most notably feature is "Hangs." This is a social feature that's made possible with the help of Kiswe Mobile. Hangs is only available to those who access the service via the Android (or iOS) mobile app.



Basically, Hangs lets Vidgo subscribers chat with each other while watching content. Not only chat, but users can also share animated GIFs, memes, and polls while watching.

Adding to the social angle, Vidgo subscribers can host a 'Watch Party' as well. In other words, you and a friend can watch along with a synchronized feed while also chatting away.

Simultaneous streams

Another area where Vidgo offers good value for money is in the multi-streams department. Accounts can be used to stream on up to three different devices at the same time.


What features are missing?

Right now, the main feature missing from Vidgo's live TV streaming service is cloud DVR. Vidgo does allow users to catch up on some of the content that's aired within the last seventy-two hours, but that's about it.

Not having the option to record content is likely to be an issue for many users so this is something to keep in mind when considering this service.

Vidgo is expected to add cloud DVR at some point in the future.


Does my device work with Vidgo?

Vidgo is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. An app is available to download from the respective app stores. Click here to view the Android mobile app listing on the Google Play Store.

In addition, Vidgo also works on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices. Again, an app is available to download for these platforms. Click here to view the Android TV app listing on the Google Play Store.

Subscribers do also have the option to stream live TV via a browser with support currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.


Other services like Vidgo?

This depends on what you mean by like Vidgo. If we're talking in terms of the sports angle, then fuboTV is the natural upgrade. However, fuboTV costs considerably more per month than Vidgo.

Which brings us to price. Other live TV streaming services similar in price to Vidgo include WatchTV by AT&T and Philo.

Cloud DVR

WatchTV is also priced at $15 per month and comes with some of the same limitations as Vidgo. In addition, WatchTV currently offers fewer channels and streams for the same price.

In contrast, Philo is priced a little higher at $20 per month. However, Philo offers 58 channels compared to Vidgo's 49. What's more, Philo also comes with more features compared, including time-limited cloud DVR recording.

Is Vidgo the right live TV streaming service for me?

It might be. It appears to be a better deal than WatchTV although that will likely depend on which channel lineup best suits your needs. Either way, at $14.99 Vidgo is not a bad option and this is especially true if you want access to channels such as beIN sports.

However, for general entertainment Philo is likely to be the best option for most consumers. It offers more channels and features for just a few dollars more.

Does Vidgo offer a free trial?

Yes. If you are still unsure of whether this is the right service for you then you can try before you commit. However, compared to other live TV streaming services, the free trial is extremely limited as it only lasts 72 hours.

In addition, users do have to sign-up to gain access to the free trial. This not only means providing personal information, including email, name and address, but also billing information including credit card details.

Failure to cancel within the 72-hour free trial will result in automatic billing for the first month.

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