Twitch Prime Giving Users Rewards For Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends

Twitch Prime has some new loot for mobile gamers, and is offering up rewards for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This is a MOBA title akin to something like League of Legends, or more closely, Arena of Valor. While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang may be the latest mobile title to gain rewards, it’s not the first.

Earlier this month, Twitch Prime members were treated to rewards for Runescape and Oldschool Runescape. Back in September, mobile gamers also began getting rewards directly through Amazon Prime.


Twitch Prime rewards for Mobile Legends includes heroes

There are actually quite a few rewards included with this Twitch Prime promotion. Heroes are just one part of the rewards, but players are also treated to some purely aesthetic stuff.

For instance, you’ll end up getting a battle emote that you can use in-game. In addition to heroes and emotes, the rewards also include skins and various in-game currencies.

These rewards do come with one caveat though. The skins and heroes are not permanent. Instead, each hero and skin for corresponding heroes are for 7 days only.


These are set up as 7-day trial cards, so you get to try them for a week and then they’re gone. The battle skin though, is a permanent emote, so you will get to keep this particular reward forever. Thus, also letting you engage in some lighthearted teasing of your opponents.

There are nine total content drops

Twitch handing out rewards through Twitch Prime is already a nice perk. But, it doesn’t end abruptly. There are nine total content drops of loot for Mobile Legends, starting from October 9.

Each content drop will last for two weeks and then move onto the next drop. As for when the next drop will be, in this case the second drop, it starts the same day this first one ends. Which is on October 23.


From there, the old content drops will swap out every fourteen days until the last one which begins on January 31 and ends on February 12.

To claim any of the loot there are a couple of requirements to meet. First, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Second, you need to have Mobile Legends: Bang Bang installed.

Once you meet those two requirements, you need to visit the amazon.com/mobilelegends website from your mobile device browser. This will load up a new page with an image on it that says “claim your heroes now,” and you need to tap that. That’s pretty much it.